Will the Alfa Romeo GTV & Alfa Romeo Spider return as EVs? [Update]

As Stellantis said at the EV Day 2021, Alfa Romeo becomes Alfa E-Romeo in 2024. The Italian premium brand begins adding pure electric vehicles to its product line-up starting in 2024, and from 2026, shifts to introducing 100% EVs. This could be the period when the Alfa Romeo GTV and Alfa Romeo Spider return to the range.

The initial Alfa Romeo EV launches are volume models that will generate sales and cash, and instill confidence in Stellantis to continue investments in the brand. These would be models like an Alfa Romeo Giulia EV and an Alfa Romeo Stelvio EV, in the mainstream luxury segments. Once volumes are on the rise, it could be time to think about halo models that could have a solid potential to revive Alfa’s brand excitement in the EV era. We’re talking about the newly designed sports cars, not Quadrifoglio (QV) or GTA variants of the family EVs.

STLA Medium platform

With Stellantis’ multiple modular EV platforms and components under the STLA family, Alfa Romeo doesn’t need to prepare from scratch for an Alfa Romeo GTV EV and an Alfa Romeo Spider EV. STLA Medium platform should be the perfect fit, offering the necessary proportions, features and specifications to put together an exciting sportscar.

The STLA Medium platform will allow installing 87-104 kWh battery packs that provide a range of up to 700 km (435 miles) and 125-330 kW electric drive modules. Alfa Romeo would naturally pick the most capable powertrain, at least for the top-end variants. As for the battery pack, the company would have to find the optimal capacity that balances the weight and range. However, it could simply offer two different capacities if potential volumes allow.

Neither Stellantis nor Alfa Romeo has confirmed a plan to launch a GTV EV or a Spider EV yet, but we are hopeful that they’re products that the brand is considering for the second half of the decade. On 19 January 2022, Stellantis said that it will announce its long-term strategic plan on 1 March 2022. The company could share more details about the future Alfa Romeo line-up at this event.

Featured Image Source: Stellantis