2022 BYD Han EV gets more range & improved looks

The BYD Han EV that debuted in May 2020 is yet to go on sale in Europe, but in China, it has already received its first facelift. BYD has launched the new Han EV in its home market, but it hasn’t said when it plans to export it to Europe.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new BYD electric car:


The Han EV is a recent launch that is proving popular with Chinese buyers and doesn’t need an extensive redesign. At the front, the 2022 Han EV features a curvier bumper featuring C-shaped gloss black trim on the outer ends and a taller lower air intake. For a new look on the sides, BYD offers new alloy wheels and shaded (red or green) brake callipers.

The rear-end is noticeably different, thanks to a slimmer full-width tail lamp with inverted outer ends. The outer ends of the bumper are also new, featuring body-coloured panels instead of black panels with horizontal stripes. C-shaped gloss black trim on both sides repeat the styling of the front-end.


BYD has kept the interior design of the Han EV untouched, but has brought other revisions for 2022. It has introduced a head-up display and improved the UI of the infotainment system. Another change you’ll see in the cabin is the usage of wood grain trim on the center console. Plus, both front and rear seats are new and feature integrated headrests.


BYD has launched the 2022 Han EV in a 2WD variant and a 4WD variant. The 2WD variant has one motor producing 180 kW and 350 Nm of torque. In the old model, the 2WD variant generated 163 kW and 330 Nm of torque.

The 4WD variant of the 2022 Han EV sports two motors that develop a combined power of 380 kW and a combined torque of 700 Nm. In comparison, the old Han EV 4WD variant had two motors that provided 363 kW of system power and 680 Nm of system torque. The new Han EV’s rear motor is the same 200 kW/380 Nm unit; it’s the front motor that is new (180 kW/350 Nm) offering additional power and torque.

Aspect\SpecificationBase Variant*Top-end Variant
Drivetrain Layout2WD4WD
No. of Motor(s)OneTwo
Max. System Power180 kW (241 hp)380 kW (509 hp)
Max. System Torque350 Nm (258 lb.-ft.)700 Nm (516 lb.-ft.)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Acceleration TimeTo Be Disclosed3.9 seconds
Battery Pack Capacity85.4 kWh85.4 kWh
CLTC Range715 km (444 miles)610 km (379 miles)
30-80% Fast-charging TimeTo Be Disclosed30 minutes
2022 BYD Han EV specs. *Sourced from autohome.com.cn

The battery capacity has also improved, from 64.8 kWh (2WD)/76.9 kWh (2WD/4WD) to 85.4 kWh (2WD/4WD) in the 2022 model. The 64.8 kWh and 76.9 kWh battery packs delivered a range of 506 km (2WD) and 605 km (2WD)/550 km (4WD), respectively, as per NEDC. The 85.4 kWh battery pack provides a range of 715 km (2WD)/610 km (4WD) as per CLTC.


2022 BYD Han EV rear three quarter
BYD could launch the new Han EV in Europe towards the end of 2022. Image Source: BYD

The 2022 BYD Han EV’s prices start at CNY 269,800 (GBP 32,800/USD 40,287) and go up to CNY 329,800 (GBP 40,094/USD 49,246). The prices listed above do not take into account any subsidies that may be available, and that the top-end configuration is not eligible for subsidy because its price is above the ceiling. BYD could launch the new Han EV in Europe towards the end of 2022.

BYD Han in Europe

BYD’s latest action in Europe is creating a successful product with the BYD Tang EV. The company launched the SUV in Norway in August 2021, and closed out 2021 with sales of 1,000+ units. The company showcased the Han EV in Europe in 2020, but it is yet to launch the vehicle.

2022 BYD Han EV FAQs

When will BYD launch the Han EV in Europe?

BYD could launch the Han EV in Europe by the end of 2022. It had confirmed the car for the region in May 2020, without offering a timeline.

What is the 2022 BYD Han EV price?

The BYD Han EV’s prices in China start at CNY 269,800 (GBP 32,800/USD 40,287).

What are the BYD Han EV rivals?

The BYD Han EV rivals the Tesla Model 3 and the Xpeng P5.

Featured Image: 2020 BYD Han EV, courtesy BYD