Europe-bound BYD Han EV welcomes a standard-range variant [Update]

The BYD Han EV that went on sale in China in July 2020 is now available in a new standard-range configuration in the local market. BYD offers the Han EV in a new base configuration that retails at CNY 226,000. With the subsidy included, the price reduces to CNY 209,900. The company could begin deliveries in September, as per a report from

BYD says that it sold more than 100,000 units of the Han, which it offers in a plug-hybrid variant (DM) as well, between July 2020 and July 2021.

Features & Range

The features of the standard-range Luxury configuration are the same as the extended-range Luxury configuration. However, it has lower technical specifications for an economical price. Instead of the 76.9 kWh LFP battery pack, it has a 64.8 kWh LFP battery pack.

While the bigger battery pack offers a range of 605 km (NEDC) in the Luxury grade, the smaller battery pack provides a range of 506 km (NEDC) in the same grade. It is also a ‘Blade’ LFP battery pack only, but with lesser energy content. Another difference in the standard-range Luxury and extended-range Luxury configurations is that the former supports fast-charging at up to 80 kW instead of 100 kW like the latter.

The new base BYD Han EV has one motor located at the front and generating 163 kW and 330 Nm of torque. The 0-100 km/h acceleration time is the same – 7.9 seconds. Take a look at the differences between the new and old base configurations in the table below for more clarity:

AspectHan EV standard-range LuxuryHan EV extended-range Luxury
Pre-subsidy PriceCNY 226,000 (EUR 29,772)CNY 246,000 (EUR 32,406)
Post-subsidy PriceCNY 209,800 (EUR 27,638)CNY 229,800 (EUR 30,272)
Battery Pack Type‘Blade’ LFP‘Blade’ LFP
Battery Pack Energy Content64.8 kWh76.9 kWh
Maximum Fast-charging Rate (DC)80 kW100 kW
30-80% SoC Fast-charging Time (DC)25 minutes25 minutes
Motor & LocationSingle, frontSingle, front
Motor Power163 kW (222 PS/218 bhp)163 kW (222 PS/218 bhp)
Motor Torque330 Nm330 Nm
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Acceleration Time7.9 seconds7.9 seconds
Range (NEDC)506 km (314 miles)605 km (376 miles)

The BYD Han EV is available in extended-range Premium and extended-range Performance configurations as well. The former is a single-motor RWD configuration with a 605 km range, while the latter is a dual-motor AWD configuration with a 550 km range.

BYD Han with 5G

BYD officially unveiled their latest in-car operating system called the DiLink 4.0 during the Chengdu Auto Show on August 29. The system comes with 5G technology and allows for better connectivity and a round of upgrades to everything that relies on the internet within the car.

According to a report on, the new operating system is 4G/5G dual-mode communication with a MIMO 4X4 antenna scheme. According to the company, this brings better stability and better internet speeds of 1 Gbps downloads and 100 Mbps uploads.

According to the report, the DiLink system now features a cleaner interface design that switches between dark and light modes depending on sunrise and sunset times in the region. It also gets better positioning accuracy thanks to dual-frequency positioning and navigation technology, and voice recognition is now 50 per cent faster with better child voice recognition.

According to BYD, the DiLink 4.0 upgrade package costs CNY 18,000 and includes the 5G support and a new audio system from Dynaudio HiFi. The company has said that current Han EV users can avail of a limited-time offer of just CNY 8,000. This offer is only valid till December 31, 2021.

BYD Han in Europe

BYD’s next action in Europe is creating a successful product with the BYD Tang EV. The company imported the first batch of the electric SUV to Norway at the end of July 2021 and delivered the first car to customers. The company showcased the Han EV in Europe last year, but it is yet to launch the vehicle. The sales goal for Norway in 2021 is 1,500 units.


When will BYD launch the Han EV in Europe?

BYD could launch the Han EV in Europe at the end of 2021 or in early 2022. It has confirmed the car for the region.

What is the BYD Han EV price?

The BYD Han EV’s prices in China start at CNY 209,800 (EUR 27,638).

What are the BYD Han EV rivals?

The BYD Han EV rivals the Tesla Model 3 and the Xpeng P5.

Featured Image Source: BYD