Exclusive: Chetak electric scooter gets first software update

ElectricVehicleWeb.in can reveal in a report today that Bajaj Auto’s Chetak electric scooter has received a software upgrade. One of the key enhancements the first software upgrade brings to the Chetak electric scooter is a more accurate range indicator.

Bajaj Auto started contacting the owners of the all-new Chetak, or the all-new Bajaj Chetak as most publications are reporting it, last month. The company is informing them about the electric scooter’s software upgrade, which requires the assistance of a technician from the authorized dealership. That’s according to our two readers and Chetak owners, who also walked us through the whole software upgrade procedure in detail.

How to install & apply Chetak electric scooter software upgrade?

The technician uses a diagnostic tool for the Chetak software upgrade. A port to connect this tool to the new electric scooter is located on the area of the right-side pillion footrest. Installing the software upgrade in the vehicle takes about 10 minutes. However, making the new software effective takes more than 24 hours. Below are the steps required to apply the software upgrade:

  • Charge the vehicle’s battery to 100% SoC.
  • Ride the vehicle till 15% SoC.
  • Give the vehicle a 12-hour rest and charge its battery to 100% SoC.
  • Ride the vehicle till 15% SoC again.
  • Give the vehicle a 12-hour rest again and charge its battery to 100% SoC.

Changes after Bajaj Chetak software upgrade

Bajaj Chetak side official image
The software upgrade is improving the accuracy of the range reading of the Chetak electric scooter.

The Chetak electric scooter should show at least two changes after the software upgrade. The fluctuations in the actual and displayed distance to empty will reduce, especially when going downhill. This means that the rider will see a more accurate remaining range now. Also, the range is reportedly a little better. Our reader rode for 94 km using 94% charging after applying the software upgrade and is certain that the remaining 6% charging would have allowed him to continue till 100 km.

Bajaj Auto doesn’t give a specific range for the Chetak. It just claims that this new electric scooter has a range of over 85 km in Sport mode and over 95 km in Eco mode.

Bajaj Auto offers the all-new Chetak in Urbane and Premium variants. The ex-showroom price is INR 1,00,000 (Urbane)/INR 1,15,000 (Premium). The company is selling this model in only Pune and Bengaluru right now. In a few months, a Husqvarna scooter based on the Chetak platform would be launched for the global market.