Vmoto Soco unveils E-Max VS1, E-Max VS2, & E-Max VS3 in Europe

Vmoto Soco introduced three new electric scooters in Europe on 20 April. Called E-Max VS1, E-Max VS2, and E-Max VS3, all the three electric scooters are targeted at delivery business customers.

E-Max VS1

The E-Max VS1 a typical delivery scooter for a normal load, and it is available in two versions, namely L1e and L3e. Vmoto Soco says that it can carry 150 kg of goods and that the distance from its carrier to the ground is low – 810 mm, which makes it easy to load and unload luggage. Side carriers, front basket, and top case adding load capacities of 100 kg, 30 kg, and 20 kg, respectively, are available optionally.

E-Max VS1
The E-Max VS1 has double batteries that give it a range of 160 km. Image Source: YouTube/Vmoto Soco

The VS1 employs a 3.5 kW/160 Nm electric motor, and its battery capacity is 60V, 45Ah (2.7 kWh) with two batteries. In this configuration, it is possible to achieve a range of 160 km and a top speed of 80 km/h. Charging from 0-100% SoC takes three and a half hours. It takes just five seconds to replace the wheel, and thus, the motor of the E-Max VS1. LED lights, reverse mode, LCD, mobile connectivity, and USB charger are some of the feature highlights of the VS1.

E-Max VS2

The E-Max VS2 is targeted at delivery business customers dealing in light and easy-to-move goods. It is approved as L1, and customers can use it with a temporary license or a simple B-card license. It can handle loads up to 75 kg (excluding rider), and it has a 2 kW motor that allows achieving a top speed of 45 km/h. Its battery capacity is 60V, 45Ah (2.7 kWh), and the maximum distance users can ride it for on a full charge is 85 km. Charging from 0-100% SoC using a fast charger takes four hours.

E-Max VS3

E-Max VS3 front three quarters
The E-Max VS3 is purpose-built for the delivery of fragile goods. Image Source: YouTube/Vmoto Soco

The E-Max VS3 is a three-wheeled electric scooter purpose-built to deliver fragile goods. Vmoto Soco has revealed only its design, and we expect it to disclose details in mid-2021. Officially, there’s no word on the pricing or release date of any of these new electric scooters.

Featured Image Source: YouTube/Vmoto Soco