This is the E300 mini electric car that MG is considering for India [Update]

More details of the all-new Baojun E300 have been revealed this week across Chinese news portals. Pre-sale of the E300, the A00 class electric car, has started in China on 21 May. Prices are expected to be around the RMB 60,000 mark (Rs. 6.39 lakh) and from the information we have, it should be pure value for money.

Chinese customers can now place orders for the E300 online and early bird customer offers include discounts on subscription, free charging, free roadside assistance and accessories like smart bracelets and headphones.

E300 will also be available as E300 Plus with additional rear seats and bigger battery to maintain the range. The E300 is in a way the successor to the Baojun E200 which was displayed at the Auto Expo by MG Motor as the MG E200. The MG E300 was unveiled in January 2020 and gets the new Interstellar Geometry design language with a split body design and two-tone exterior. The hidden door handles and the rounded-rectangular panels further increase the new car’s sense of technology. The highlights of the interior include the double-spoke multi-function steering wheel, a suspended full-size LCD display which enhances the look of the dashboard while the dark gray + light blue colour combination provides a unique visual effect.

Some of the features of the E300 series revealed are voice commands, parking assist, 360° panoramic images, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, electric handbrake and manual air conditioning.

The company has revealed that the E300 and E300 Plus will have a driving range of 305 km in a single charge (NEDC standard). The E300 can be had as a two-seater or a three-seater and the E300 Plus comes as a four-seater with proper rear seats. Both the models will feature a new intelligent connectivity system that the company is developing for all cars.

SpecificationBaojun E300Baojun E300 Plus
Length2,625 mm2,894 mm
Width1,647 mm1,655 mm
Height1,588 mm1,595 mm
Wheelbase1,750 mm2,020 mm
Battery30 kWh31.9 kWh
Power40 kW40 kW
Range (NEDC)305 km305 km

As per Chinese media reports, the E300 comes with Huawei HiCar which unlocks the following features:

  • Pairing of Mobile phones with the car wirelessly
  • Virtual sharing of mobile phones and car resources
  • Application and service sharing on multiple devices
  • Fatigue detection and video calling

The E300 primarily targets users who travel in Chinese cities and competes with compact EV segment models such as the Ora R1, Roewe Clever and the Chery eQ1. However its range and rear seat comfort (in the E300 Plus) makes it somewhat of a disruption in its segment.

MG Motor India has revealed that it will launch an affordable electric car in India by 2023 and that the MG E300 is also on the radar. Its compact size and range would make it a great urban vehicle that has enough range for daily office commutes.

Earlier this year EVW talked to Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer – MG Motor India and expressed doubts about the E200, which is a two-seater, appealing to the Indian public. He however had a different line of thought:

I think the good part about the MG E200 (Baojun E200) and MG E300 (Baojun E300) is that it really showcases a new age vehicle type which will be appealing to millennials, along with a very good range of 250+ km with an option of two or three seats. If you are a single, couple or couple with a child, that kind of flexibility with a cool millennial appealing design with a good range are the things that really are packed into the EV.

Normally, when you see a small EV of this size, you will not think of long-range. But range becomes addressed in this. So we are definitely exploring India to bring in affordable EV and in the (Auto Expo 2020) pavilion also we have showcased a sedan, eMG6, E200. The constant review of the products is on right now. We don’t rule out any of the options we can bring to India right now.

Gaurav Gupta, Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer – MG Motor India