The core editorial team responsible for ElectricVehicleWeb has a combined experience of 30+ years in auto reporting and tracking the global auto market. The same team successfully built the largest regional website for auto content. Here’s a bit about us:

Shrawan Raja – Founder & CEO

Shrawan EV

I’m a 34-year old automobile engineer and an ardent fan of electric mobility. Having founded and edited successful websites for over ten years serving 100s of million of views, traveling the world, driving new vehicles and talking to the people behind the scenes, I’m convinced that the next generation automobile does not come with a combustion engine.

I love cricket and dogs, and I spend time practicing yoga, studying religious scripture, and the works of Neville Goddard & Earl Nightingale!

Sagar Parikh – Editor

Sagar Parikh auto expert and auto editor

I’m Sagar, and I started out as a reporter and analyst of the North American auto market. The last 7 years has been an amazing learning curve. By 2030, the ‘car’ as we’ve known it, will completely change, thanks to autonomous driving tech, electrification, and connectivity.

As I unlearn and relearn about the car in this new era, I strive to develop top quality content to electric car buyers, EV enthusiasts, analysts, and auto sector employees.

Anjan Ravi – Freelance Editor

Anjan Ravi auto expert

I’m Anjan Ravi, and when I’m not flying an Airbus A320, I dream about a cross-country, East Coast to West Coast road-trip. I can’t wait to drive down from New York to Los Angeles on a single charge! Electric is the future, and you can count on ElectricVehicleWeb for your daily fix!

You can reach us via email on topelectricsuv(at)