EeVe Atreo & EeVe Ahava budget electric scooters launched

Odhisha-based electric vehicle startup EeVe has launched two new budget electric scooters in India: EeVe Atreo and EeVe Ahava. The company is yet to list the new electric scooters online.

The EeVe Atreo offers a range of 90-100 km on a single charge. Detailed technical specifications will shortly be updated. The price of the EeVe Atreo is INR 64,900 (ex-showroom), and it includes a five-year vehicle warranty. The battery warranty period covered in the retail price is only one year whereas the vehicle insurance for a year is included in the price. EeVe says that the running cost of the Atreo is INR 0.15/km.

The EeVe Atreo comes with smart vehicle features like geofencing and geotagging, and also immobilisation for security. It is available in two colour choices, one is single-tone grey and one is dual-tone red and black.

The EeVe Ahava has a 0.25 kW motor, and it can go 60-70 km on a full charge. It is available in two colours, both of which are dual-tone: red and black, and blue and black. The EeVe Ahava is cheaper than the EeVe Atreo, and it costs INR 55,900 (ex-showroom).

Both EeVe Atreo and EeVe Ahava come with a normal charger, with which their battery pack can be fully charged in 7-8 hours.

Next year, EeVe plans to launch two high-speed models. understands that these will be the EeVe Forseti scooter and the EeVe Tesoro bike, both of which were showcased at Auto Expo 2020, with the later graduating into a full-size motorcycle. The high-speed electric scooter will arrive in the market in April, and the high-speed electric bike will follow in the middle of the year.

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