Subaru Solterra coming to the UK in 2022 only as AWD

The Euro-spec Subaru Solterra has been detailed in a video produced by the company, starring the EV and Subaru’s general manager for sales and marketing in Europe, David Dello Stritto. The executive walks us through the first EV for Subaru, and the fourth SUV for Subaru in Europe.

Source: Subaru UK/Youtube

By 2030, Subaru wants to have electric and electrified vehicles account for at least 40 per cent of its global sales, and by 2050, the company wants to reduce average CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 90 per cent from 2010 levels. Prior to the launch of the Solterra, Subaru took small steps by introducing hybrid variants of the XV and Forester in 2019 in the UK.

Design & Platform

The Subaru Solterra, according to Subaru, divides into ‘Sol’ and ‘Terra’ words when translated from Latin, become ‘sun’ and ‘earth’. The company is calling it the most technologically advanced Subaru yet and it is built on the e-SUBARU Global platform allowing for ample back-seat room and cargo capacity, according to Subaru. The dedicated EV platform was jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, wherein Toyota calls it the e-TNGA and is ready to launch the Toyota bZ4X (sister product to the Solterra) in Europe next year also.

Subaru Electric Car platform developed jointly with Toyota for Solterra
The Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4X package their powertrain and EV drive components up front, thereby missing the ‘frunk’ functionality seen on the Tesla. Image: Toyota

The Solterra and bZ4X look identical, save for a few ‘soft’ parts on the front and rear where designers of both companies have tried to offer some distinguishing elements. When viewed on the side, it is almost impossible to tell apart the Solterra from the bZ4X, with the wheel design being the major difference between the two.

On the dimensional front, the Solterra measures 4,690 mm in length, 1,860 mm in width and 1,650 mm in height, putting it in the same league as the Forester. 18-inch alloy wheels are standard, whereas the four-wheel drive variant can be had with 18- or 20-inch alloys.

Interior & Features

Subaru Solterra interior
The Solterra gets paddle shifters for altering the level of regen braking, in addition to a face detection system to sense if the driver is drowsy. Image – Subaru

The interior of the Solterra is another replica of the Toyota bZ4X, save for the Subaru logos instead of the Toyotas. The Solterra carries over the steer-by-wire, a full digital instrument cluster, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system. A Harmon Kardon speaker system, a glass roof, flat floor at the rear with individual seat heating, 60:40 split folding rear seats, paddle shifters to change the regen braking levels, and Subaru Safety Sense (which detects if the driver is drowsy are falling asleep) will be seen on the Solterra. Since the powertrain components are located up front, the Solterra is unlikely to see storage space (frunk) up front, instead sporting a 464L boot (with all seats in place).


Firstly, the Subaru Solterra for Europe will be exclusively available only as an AWD model whereas the Japan-spec model will see an entry level front wheel drive variant, with a higher range. Dello Stritto says Subaru customers in Europe want AWD, and that is one of their reasons for preferring the brand. Hence, the Solterra will feature permanent AWD with a dedicated X-Mode with Grip Control, a Snow and Mud Mode and Downhill Assist Control.

Subaru Solterra front quarter
The Solterra in Japan will be available with a front-wheel drive configuration too, but Europe gets AWD with all the AWD features. Seen here is the USA-spec Solterra. Image – Subaru

A 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery powers two 80 kW electric motors (on each axle) for a total system output of 215 hp and 335 Nm of torque (247 lb-ft). 0-60 mph takes 7.4 seconds, and Dello Stritto says the range should be somewhere in the 400 km (248 miles) mark once the homologation is complete. As per Japan’s WLTC standard, the AWD Solterra is good for 460 km (286 miles) for reference.

With a 150 kW DC rapid charging capability, an 80 per cent recharge should take around 30 minutes. According to Subaru, the battery will retain 90 per cent of its capacity for 10 years.


The Subaru Solterra is a C-segment SUV, which puts it in the same category as the Tesla Model Y, VW ID.4, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Skoda Enyaq and the Nissan Ariya. Within the showroom, it would be positioned as an EV alternative to the Subaru Forester, the brand’s best-selling SUV.

Production & Launch

Production of the Toyota bZ4X will be assigned to the Toyota ZEV factory in Japan as well as one in China. These could be the same plants that also roll out the Subaru Solterra, however, Subaru has not announced the production plan. The Solterra will be arriving in showrooms in Britain sometime towards the middle of 2022.

Subaru Solterra EV rear badge
The USA, Canada, China, and European countries are the officially confirmed markets of the Solterra. Australia & New Zealand are likely to get allocations in 2023. Image – Subaru

Subaru Solterra Price

Subaru had a poor showing in the UK market in 2020, shifting less than 951 cars. The Solterra could be a big draw for the region’s growing electric vehicle market. However, if the price isn’t right and the dealerships are poorly managed, it’ll be a disaster.

Subaru would do well to price the Solterra from around GBP 50,000, given that AWD is a standard fitment on the electric SUV. Prices should be announced by the middle of 2022.

Subaru Solterra FAQs

What is the Subaru Solterra release date?

The Subaru Solterra will go on sale by mid-2022 in the UK.

What will be Subaru Solterra rivals?

SUVs like the VW ID.4, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Skoda Enyaq and the Nissan Ariya will compete with the Solterra.

What will be the Subaru Solterra price?

The Subaru Solterra could be priced from GBP 45,000-50,000 in Britain as AWD is standard.

Featured Image Source: Subaru