Hero Electric NYX HX electric scooter’s correct range is 100 km

Hero Electric recently launched the Hero NYX HX for the B2B market at INR 63,990. The new Hero electric scooter’s main highlight is its long travel range, which makes it a practical solution for B2B customers like last-mile delivery service providers who do frequent trips and don’t have time to charge their vehicle in the field.

Hero Electric has three line-ups of electric scooters: Comfort Speed, City Speed and Extended Range. The company has launched the Hero Electric NYX HX under the City Speed range. It has been widely reported that the Hero NYX HX range is 210 km, which is incorrect.

Hero Electric NYX HX specifications
According to the official Hero Electric website, the range of the new Hero electric scooter is 100 km, not 210.

Since the new Hero electric scooter’s announcement last week, the model page on Hero Electric’s website continues to show 100 km as the Hero NYX HX range.

Hero Electric NYX HX specifications & price

There are two 48 V/28 Ah or 1.34 kWh Lithium-ion battery packs in this new Hero electric scooter. The motor generates a maximum power of 1.3 kW or 1.77 PS, but its maximum torque is unavailable.

The ground clearance is 141 mm and the gradeability is 7 degrees. The new Hero electric scooter weighs 87 kg, and fully charging its battery pack takes four-five hours. It can achieve a top speed of 42 km/h, and so, it’s more a commuter than a performance scooter.

As for the Hero Electric NYX HX features, Hero Electric says that it comes with an integrated bottle holder, foldable rear seat, three-side grab rail, telescopic suspension and a digital speedometer. The company offers it in two colour options: Silver and Black.

Customers can book their Hero Electric NYX HX now with a deposit of INR 2,999. Deliveries will take 30-45 days, as per Hero Electric’s official website. The scooter is priced at INR 63,990.