Honda electric scooter MotoCompo returning hints application

A new Honda electric scooter could mark the arrival of a successor to the Honda MotoCompo, the fun little folding scooter from 1980s. Honda submitted a trademark application for ‘Motocompacto’ at USPTO on 23 July 2020, spurring rumours about a new-age Honda MotoCompo-style city hopper.

Honda MotoCompo folded picture
The Honda Motocompo was just 1,185 mm long, 535 mm wide and 910 mm tall. Image: Wikipedia. has accessed the trademark application for the MotoCompacto name. In the identification field of the trademark application for Motocompacto, it says “land vehicles, namely electric scooters”. One thing is clear, that a Motocompacto, if launched, would be an electric scooter. The word compact in the name is an indication that it would be one of the smaller models, perhaps an entry-level type electric scooter, and not something like a Honda PCX Electric (a electric maxi scooter).

The Honda Motocompacto could be a throwback to the Honda Compo and come with a low-output electric motor and a low-capacity but swappable Lithium-ion battery pack. It’s difficult to talk about the specifications at the moment, but we expect details to start emerging in the coming months once the project advances, assuming there is one. Any possible detail about the Honda Motocompacto on the web at the moment is purely speculative.

Video Courtesy: Mighty Car Mods.

The Honda Motocompo was just 1,185 mm long, 535 mm wide and 910 mm tall. It had a 49 cc two-cylinder air-cooled petrol engine that produced 2.5 PS at 5,000 rpm and 0.38 kg.m (3.73 Nm) of torque at 4,500 rpm. Honda says that the Motocompo was its first attempt in the world to showcase its strength in producing two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The ultra-compact two-wheeler was suitable could allow short-distance transport, and it looked as if it was mostly meant for fun. It was available in Shetland White, Daisy Yellow and Caribbean Red colours.

Honda Motor Compo Concept 2011
Honda Motor Compo Concept showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

With commuters keen to practice social distancing, a cheap and fun-to-use personal mobility vehicle is back on the minds of consumers who wish to avoid shared mobility. Hence we feel this would be the right time for the return of the Honda Motocompo as an electric scooter.

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