Honda to conduct feasibility study for Benly & PCX electric scooters in India

Honda is planning to conduct a study in India for their existing electric scooters from the first quarter of FY2021, as told by Y S Guleria, Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India in an interview with autoX. The study would include investigating the feasibility of launching Honda’s electric scooters in India. However, Honda won’t be launching their electric scooters anytime soon.

Guleria said:

One thing that’s been made clear by the Government is that there is no 2025 deadline, but, at the same time, EV technology is something that is already available with Honda in our scooters. So, we are planning to do a study for our existing electric scooters starting from the first quarter of the next financial year, and based on the outcome of that we’ll further refine our EV roadmap for the future.

Guleria did not mention the name of the scooters, but Honda currently has two electric models in the global lineup – the Benly and the PCX. A third model V-Go, designed and developed for China with a local partner, with its tiny seat, looks unlikely to be brought down to India.

Honda PCX Electric

Honda PCX electric scooter
The removable batteries offer a range of 41 km on a single charge. The motor has an output 4.2 kW and its Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) structure offers ample torque for smooth take-off and hill-climbing.

The PCX Electric, available on lease in South East Asian markets, is powered by a newly-developed compact electric power unit that consists of two removable units called the Honda Mobile Power Pack. The 96V EV system uses two 48V high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries that can be fully charged in approximately 6 hours through the bike, or in approximately 4 hours when removed and charged using the optional charger. Other features include LED lights, ABS for the front wheel, digital instrument panel, and Honda SMART key that unlocks the main switch knob when the rider approaches the scooter.

Honda BENLY e:

Honda BENLY electric scooter
Taking into note that the e: has been built for business needs and last-mile delivery requirements, Honda will be looking at offering the bike to food delivery services and bike taxi operators.

BENLY e: is powered by two Honda Mobile Power Packs with the same dual-battery setup of the PCX Electric. The removable units can be completely charged in 4 hours and offer a range of 87 km if ridden at 30 km/h and 43 km ridden at 60 km/h. Being intended for business purposes, the BENLY e: comes fitted with a basket in the front, flat loading space at the rear, knuckle visors, foot brake system and reverse assist function. It goes on sale in Japan this year.