Hyundai Mobis developing 25-inch HUD, could debut on Genesis electric SUV

Hyundai Mobis has said that it is developing a 25-inch Head-Up Display (HUD) that is twice the size of its current largest unit. EVW predicts that its most advanced system will debut on Genesis’s new electric SUV that is expected to be unveiled next year.

Hyundai Mobis entered the windshield HUD market at the beginning of this year when their product was used in the Genesis GV80 SUV that was launched in January 2020. The GV80 has a 12-inch HUD that connects with the GPS data and offers information like driving routes, driving assistance and information on traffic signs. And when the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) is activated, the HUD also offers traffic data of cars driving around the vehicle.

The company currently has a wide range of HUDs ranging from general sizes that measure 10-inch or below to high-end sizes, made of 12-inch.

Hyundai Mobis is also planning to start mass production of its Augmented Reality HUD system, which it showcased in the form of a hologram-based AR HUD system in 2017. This system is expected to start mass production in 2020 and there’s also a new AR HUD tech that is being developed that includes features like digital hologram, nanostructure and electronic control.

With the large scale production of the HUD, Hyundai Mobis has secured the mass-production of core infotainment technologies that include the head-up display (HUD), full digital instrument cluster, surround-view monitor and audio, video, navigation and telematics. The company is also currently developing an infotainment system platform that combines system-specific controllers into a single controller.

The AR HUD system, which is said to be a core part of the autonomous driving era, can significantly bring down the risk of accidents by letting the driver not take the eyes off the road ahead. The system projects necessary information about the traffic, the car’s position and other surrounding information in real-time on to the windshield.

The new 25-inch HUD is expected to have many advanced features to support the futuristic Genesis electric SUV, codenamed Genesis JW, which will offer many different driver assistance tech and comfort features.