Indian designer’s BMW electric cafe racer is a time traveler from 2030

You would recall Indian automotive designer Manu Mohan from the designs of a next generation electric motorcycle presented in May. He’s back today with improved renders of a BMW electric cafe racer, one that he says combines the appeal of BMW’s historic models and ideas of future mobility.

The intention behind this very short project was to create a cafe-racer for the future with an aesthetic appeal that combined contrasting ideas of old and new . This theme is extended to both silhouette and materials used. The motorcycle has a retro-futuristic form inspired from classic BMW cafe racers for an age that is seeing a paradigm shift in motorcycling with the advent of technologies that has now made the machines intelligent utilizing technologies like self balancing and intelligent connectivity.

Manu Mohan on his electric BMW motorcycle concept

The first actual BMW electric motorcycle is now expected to launch in 2024. As a starting point, BMW Motorrad unveiled the Vision DC Roadster concept last year that retains the identity and iconic appearance of BMW Motorrad and its Boxer ‘Engine’ represented for the EV era. This motorcycle would evolve over the coming years into a road-ready vehicle.

BMW Motorrad sees the Vision DC Roadster as the “power portfolio” of the future and the first BMW electric bike would be for the urban commute, Dr. Markus Schramm, the head of BMW Motorrad told CycleWorld in December 2019. He added that off-road, touring and sport segments may not see electric two-wheelers for the foreseeable future. In an interview to ManyofMany last month, Dr. Schramm opined that classic scooters and modern, emotional products would find a place first in electric mobility and that ICE & EV would coexist for “a very long time.”