Lucid Gravity – Everything we know in June 2021

With the Lucid Air sedan inching closer to production, the Tesla Model S is slated to have a new competitor soon. However, there’s more coming from the Peter Rawlinson-led startup company. Lucid has been working on a new electric SUV. Teased in September 2021, this large SUV – known by its codename Project Gravity – will be out in 2023.


Patent images that came out in March this year reveal all angles of Project Gravity. Visual highlights like the slim wraparound taillights, a large DLO and a wide D-pillar have been carried over from the concept. Dimensions aren’t available, but the Gravity is clearly a large, three-row vehicle that will accommodate up to 7 passengers. The panoramic sunroof of the Air will make it to the Gravity, but the latter will squared-off wheel arches.

Lucid Gravity rear
The Lucid Gravity should employ ADAS and DMS, including LIDAR which is included on the Air to offer advanced autonomous driving functions. Image: Lucid Motors

On the sides, the luxury market SUV sports a horizontal beltline, sleek yet large windows and quarter glass panels, a flat roofline that should enhance space greatly. In addition, the fast A-pillar angle moves the windscreen quite forward for a sporty feel.

Lucid Gravity Interior 

If the Lucid Air is anything to go by, the Gravity will have a futuristic cabin that will provide an amalgam of luxury and new-age tech features. In all likelihood, the Gravity will borrow the Air’s 34-inch curved display, while touch controls will replace buttons and knobs for a cleaner, rather future-proof look.

Lucid Air interior
The Lucid Gravity should use the interior design DNA of the Lucid Air (image) and the “Lucid Space Concept.” Image Source: Lucid Motors

Interior space is something that the Air provides in spades, and the Lucid Gravity is expected to be even more impressive in this department. The large greenhouse seen in the leaked patent images makes us believe the cabin would be pretty airy, while the glass roof will further improve the sense of spaciousness. In addition, the interior will be kitted out with the carmaker’s DreamDrive driver assistance features that make use of 32 sensors, cameras and radars to facilitate semi-autonomous driving. 


The Lucid Gravity will share its underpinnings with the Air, which means the power outputs that this SUV would offer could range between 480 to 1080 hp (358 – 805 kW). However, the increased weight and frontal area would make the SUV a tad slower, with a 0-60 mph acceleration run estimated to take roughly 3 seconds for the top-spec, all-wheel-drive-equipped model. But, again, if the Air is anything to go by, the Gravity could be seen setting new standards in the world of e-SUVs with a driving range of more than 500 miles in the highest configuration.

Lucid Gravity side
The Lucid Gravity could become a luxurious American three-row SUV. The family hauler and inter-city traveler is expected to have at least 400 miles of range. Image: Lucid Motors

The Air can be charged to offer a 300-mile driving range in just 20 minutes, and one can safely expect the Gravity to offer similar levels of convenience. Even the base model could have a 400-mile range, which is sure to work in the new model’s favour and give it the might to compete with the upcoming electric Audis, Mercs and Bimmers.  

Lucid Gravity FAQs

When is the release date of Lucid Gravity?

Production of the Lucid Gravity is confirmed to begin in Casa Grande, Arizona, in 2023.

Which are the core competitors to the Lucid Gravity?

The Gravity will compete with the upcoming Mercedes EQS SUV and the Audi Q8 e-tron (2026 launch).

What is the price of Lucid Gravity?

Pricing is yet to be announced but the top-of-the-line version could cost USD 125,000.

Featured image: Lucid