Magenta Power to install street lamp integrated EV Chargers in Hindustan Petroleum outlets

Magenta Power, an energy solutions start-up supported by Hindustan Petroleum, will be installing street lamp integrated EV chargers in HP fuel retail outlets. Called ChargeGrid Flare, the new range of EV charging points is a first-of-its-kind in India and has been specially designed in partnership with HPCL.

The Flare charging points are integrated with street lamp columns to offer a combination of energy-efficient street lights and EV charging points. Initially, these charging stations will be installed in HPCL retail outlets in all major cities across India. The price is Rs 95,000 (excluding taxes and installation cost) and is IEC (supporting two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheeler) or Type 2 AC.

Magneta Power believes that this type of EV chargers will be the perfect solution for installing in both new and existing car parking areas, retail outlets and the chargers can be located using the ChargeGrid app.

The ChargeGrid Flare was introduced at HPCL’s Annual Regional Manager’s Conference 2020, where Mr Mukesh Kumar Surana, Chairman and Managing Director of HPCL stated that HPCL is happy to be associated with Magenta Power to bring such one-of-a-kind EV charging solutions to India.

Maxson Lewis, Director, Magenta Power, said that the ChargeGrid Flare was made specifically for India where the charging stations have a low footprint and to bring the charging stations to where the cars are parked, instead of getting the cars to the charging stations. With this, Magenta Power is aiming to build a dense and low cost charging infrastructure in the existing city environment.

ChargeGrid Pro Community Charger demo video

Magenta Power currently has charging stations in 53 locations across India and aims to increase the number to 500 by the end of 2020. The company also has four solar-based charging points with the first solar charging station (it was also India’s first solar-based EV charging station) launched in June 2018. In November 2019, Magenta Power launched its fourth solar-based charging station which was also India’s first cooperative housing society with solar plus EV charging.

In January 2020, Magenta Power opened its first research and development centre in Navi Mumbai that will house three automation labs. The labs are equipped to design and develop battery pack design, cell quality, rapid prototyping and to conduct reliability and environmental tests.