e DELIVER on top, as Maxus ships 5,000+ LCVs to Europe in July

In a statement this month, Chinese company SAIC said that exports of vehicles boomed in July. Over 5,000 vehicles were exported, including the Maxus e Deliver 3 and the e Deliver 9 electric LCVs.

This export single-handedly set the record for the largest Chinese brand light passenger vehicle exports and single Chinese brand models exported to Europe.

“In July, more than 5000 vehicles including SAIC MAXUS EV30 (called e DELIVER 3 for overseas version), EV90 (called e DELIVER 9 for overseas version), and V90 (called DELIVER 9 for overseas version) started the batch export journey. The destination is developed countries in Europe such as Britain, Norway and Ireland. This export not only set the record for the largest batch of Chinese brand light passenger models exported to Europe, but also set the record for the largest batch of single Chinese brand models exported to Europe,” SAIC said (translated)

Maxus e Deliver 3 electric van

The e Deliver 3 is the economy van with lower space and a slightly smaller battery pack. This does not take away from practicality, however. The e Deliver is available in a total of three variants. While the long-wheelbase variant receives a 52.5 kWh battery pack, you can opt between a 52.5 kWh and a smaller 35 kWh battery pack. The smaller battery offers 141 miles, while the bigger 52.5 kWh battery allows for 213 miles range on a single charge.

Maxus E Deliver 3 electric van interior
The E Deliver 3’s body is built using aluminium alloy and polymer composites to reduce weight, says Maxus. Image: Maxus

Charging times remain the same at 45 minutes for an 80 per cent charge while on DC power. On AC, the 35 kWh battery will charge fully in about six hours and the larger battery in about eight hours. The motor remains the same across all variants churning out 90 kW and 255 Nm and achieving top speeds of 120 km/h.

Maxus e Deliver 9

The Maxus e Deliver 9, on the other hand, boasts a lot more space to transport goods. The e Deliver 9 is available in a host of different configurations, both in terms of battery pack options as well as wheelbase variants. There are a total of three battery pack options. These include a 51.5 kWh battery pack capable of 147 miles, a 72 kWh battery pack capable of 179 miles and an 88 kWh battery pack boasting 219 miles. There is also a 65 kWh battery pack available with the MC Cab and LC Cab variants.

Source: Youtube/EV Review Ireland

As for the motor, all variants receive a 150 kW motor capable of 310 Nm. Top speeds of 100 km/h can be achieved, and charging times are similar across the range – 40-45 minutes on DC for an 80 per cent charge.

The Maxus e Deliver models are picking up momentum in the European market. Only recently, parcel delivery service DPD announced the expansion of their EV fleet with 750 e Deliver 9s.

Featured image: Maxus