Mercedes-AMG EQE – Everything we know as of February 2022

If the letters AMG remind you of thirsty V8 engines, then you’re still living in the past. The all-new Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC and EQE 53 4MATIC have been added to the brand’s performance portfolio, and they’re purebred all electric performance EVs. The EQS 53 went on sale in the UK in December 2021, and the EQE will soon follow in its footsteps.

Based on Mercedes-Benz’ dedicated EVA2 electric vehicle platform, the performance variants offer generous AMG treatment to the design, interior, features and performance of the EQE.

Here’s everything we know about the Mercedes-AMG EQE as of February 2022:


A plethora of visual elements distinguish the AMG models from the regular EQE EV. For starters, there’s an AMG-specific black panel grille with vertical chrome struts that appear as though they’re freestanding within. There’s the three-pointed star in the centre and an AMG logo in the centre. The Digital Lights throw up an AMG-specific projection when owners start or switch off the vehicle.

The bumper and front splitter get generous gloss-black treatment, and diffusers on the flanks function as air curtains. While the regular EQE gets chrome window surrounds, the EQE AMG gets gloss-black surrounds. The roofline gently slopes rearwards and merges with the spoiler that optimises airflow. The 20-inch or optional 21-inch AMG Light alloys are aero-optimised.

The rear appears stunning with a full-width light strip that houses LED combination lamps. Below the light strip, on the left, is the AMG badging, the three-pointed star in the centre and the model name on the right. The rear bumper is embellished in gloss black and houses diffusers for further aerodynamic benefits.

Interior & features

The cabin is drop-dead gorgeous and flaunts an all-black theme to bode well with the sporty intentions of the EV. There are AMG-specific elements: Nappa leather flat bottomed steering, silver aluminium paddles, sports pedals, floor mats, and illuminated door sill trims — all of these materials get in-your-face AMG badges.

The EQE AMG gets sporty seats with visibly tighter side bolstering to hold passengers in place when the car is flung into corners. Seat covers are made from artificial leather with high-quality contrast red stitching. AMG badges are sprinkled over the cabin, and Nappa leather upholstery is optional. The dashboard and door trim also feature contrast red stitching.

MBUX Hyperscreen with AMG graphics

The EQE AMG can also be had with the enormous 55-inch MBUX Hyperscreen. The screen offers AMG-specific screensavers, distinctive graphics on the driver’s display, central infotainment, and the head’s up display. In Europe and China, sporty graphics will also be displayed on the co-driver’s screen.


The Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 and 53 come with a dual-motor AWD set-up as standard. The EQE 43 4MATIC’s electric powertrain produces 476 hp (350 kW) and 858 Nm. It can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 4.2 seconds, provided there’s at least 50% charge in the battery. The top speed is 210 kmph. The 53 dials things up by a notch. The ‘standard’ EQE 53 is good for 626 hp (460 kW) and 950 Nm. It’s faster to 100 kmph than the EQE 43 by 0.7 seconds with a supercar-equalling time of 3.5 seconds. The top speed is 220 kmph.

Dynamic Plus package

If that’s not enough, Mercedes is offering an optional Dynamic Plus package on the EQE 53 that bumps the figures up to 687 hp (505 kW) and 1000 Nm, which rockets the car to 100 kmph in just 3.3 seconds. The top whack is 240 kmph. For maximum performance, the battery should have at least 70% charge. The EQE 53’s motors come with adapted windings and laminations, higher currents and a specially designed inverter, all of which help enhance performance.


Mercedes EQE AMG range is between 444-518 km (provisional WLTP certification), depending on the variant. Positioned between the wheelbase is a 90.6 kWh battery consisting of a nickel, cobalt and manganese ratio of 8:1:1. On the EQE 53, the Sport, Sport+ and Comfort drive modes alter how the battery behaves. Comfort enhances operating range while the other two modes prioritise performance, making the battery drain faster.


Thanks to 180 kW DC fast charging, 180 km range can be added in 15 minutes of charging. AC charging supports 11 kW and 22 kW charging speeds. The Japanese-spec cars will also support bidirectional charging, allowing the EQE to double up as a power bank for external devices. Additionally, there are three levels of brake energy regeneration as well — recuperation power can be up to 260 kW.

Technical DataUnitEQE 43 4MATICEQE 53 4MATIC
MotortypeDual-motor AWDDual-motor AWD
Powerhp / kW476 (350)626 (460) / 505 (687)
TorqueNm858950 / 1000
0-100 kmphsec4.23.5 / 3.3
Top Speedkmph210220 / 240
Battery (usable)kWh90.690.6
Charging (AC / AC / DC)kW11 / 22 / 17011 / 22 / 170
Kerb weight (ready to drive)kg25252525

Sophisticated AMG-specific thermal management

There’s top drawer thermal management in the motors that allow repeated acceleration without any noticeable loss in power. Customer’s who love the Launch mode need not worry. Mercedes states there’s a ‘water lance’ in the rotor shaft, which keeps the motors cool. The powertrain also has special ribs on the stator and a structure on the inverter, made of ‘high-performance ceramics.’

That said, there’s a highly sophisticated 4MATIC system that alters torque output 160 times per second depending on which wheel requires the most torque; refer to the chart below to see how different driving modes alter power output.

EQE AMG Driving Modes Mercedes EQE 43 4MATICMercedes EQE 53 4MATIC
Slippery50% output / 238 hp50% output / 313 hp
Comfort85% output / 408 hp80% output / 500 hp
Sport90% output / 442 hp90% output / 563 hp
Sport+100% output / 476 hp100% output / 626 hp
Race start100% output / 476 hp100% output / 626 hp
Race start with boost function
(Dynamic Plus Package only)
NA110% power / 687 hp

Rear-axle steering and AMG Ride Control+

Both the EQE 43 and 53 come with rear-axle steering as standard. Rear wheels turn up to 3.6 degrees for better agility. Up to 60 kmph, the rear wheels turn opposite to the front tyres. When the EQE is driven over 60 kmph, all wheels turn in the same direction for swift direction changes. 

The dampers aren’t simple carry-over components. The adaptive dampers on the EQE 43 and 53 have been extensively tuned for AMG-specific wheel carriers, suspension links and anti-roll bars. The rear suspension is 50% stiffer. The system can also alter ride height depending on the driving speeds. 

It’s a highly sophisticated suspension set-up with continuously variable pressure limiting valves that control rebound and compression independently. In layman’s terms, the suspension has a brain of its own which responds in milliseconds to different road surfaces altering between comfort and sporty driving dynamics.

AMG Sound Experience

The experience isn’t complete without some aural drama. That’s why the EQE 53 comes with AMG Sound Experience software. The company says the system generates unique sounds using the speakers, bass actuator and a sound generator to go with the EQE 53. Customers can choose from two sound programs — Authentic and Performance — both of which offer ‘Balanced,’ ‘Sport’ and ‘Powerful,’ modes.

Mercedes AMG EQE rear seats
Plush rear seats on the Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC. Image: Mercedes

Release date

The regular Mercedes EQE will go on sale in Europe in mid-2022, and the AMG model could arrive in showrooms towards the end of 2022 or early 2023, depending on how quickly the supply chain is restored.

Mercedes-AMG EQE FAQs

What is the Mercedes-AMG EQE release date?

The Mercedes-AMG EQE is expected to go on sale by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Which cars will be the Mercedes-AMG EQE rivals?

The Tesla Model S Long Range and the Nio ET7 (100 kWh) will be the Mercedes-AMG EQE rivals.

Featured image: Mercedes-Benz