Mercedes EQB – Everything we know as of September 2021

The Mercedes EQB e-SUV debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021 and goes on sale later this year. Based on the Mercedes-Benz GLB, the new model will be available in three powertrain versions and two seating configurations globally.


Overall, the Mercedes-Benz EQB looks much like the GLB, albeit with a handful of changes that announce its zero-emission powertrain. The front fascia carries a shut-off grille as there’s no requirement to cool an internal combustion engine. Flanking the grille are angular headlamps, while a straight-set LED light bar stretches across the car’s width. In the side profile, the EQB is much like the GLB, with the only exception arising from the new alloy wheels. The rear-end carries a light bar between the wraparound taillamps, and the bumper features some chrome ornamentation. 

Mercedes EQB charging
The Mercedes EQB looks a lot like the GLB but features enough tweaks to have a distinct identity still. Image: Daimler

Mercedes EQB Interior

Inside, the EQB gets a new digital instrument console and rose-gold trim on the dashboard. There is ample use of blue to reinstate the EV credentials – you get many blue lighting strips along with different stitching to remind you that this is a Mercedes EQ model.

The car features the MBUX infotainment unit and an all-digital driver’s display with two 10-inch screens and support for ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice commands. The EQB comes with five seats as standard, but you do get an option to order a third row to increase the seating capacity to seven. The carmaker says that occupants less than 5-foot 4-inches tall will be comfortable in the third row. In the UK, it plans to offer only the three-row version.

Mercedes EQB dashboard
The Mercedes EQB doesn’t have an interior that is different from that of the GLB. Image Source: Daimler


The Mercedes EQB will be available in European markets, including the UK, in two variants at launch: EQB 300 4MATIC and EQB 350 4MATIC. Their specifications are as follows:

Aspect\SpecificationMercedes EQB 300 4MATICMercedes EQB 350 4MATIC
Length/Width/Height4,684 mm/1,834 mm/1,701 mm4,684 mm/1,834 mm/1,701 mm
Wheelbase2,829 mm2,829 mm
Boot Capacity495-1,170 litres495-1,170 litres
Drivetrain LayoutAWDAWD
No. of MotorsTwo: ASM (front) & PSM (Rear)Two: ASM (front) & PSM (Rear)
Motor Power168 kW (225 bhp)215 kW (288 bhp)
Motor Torque390 Nm (288 Lb.-Ft.)520 Nm (384 Lb.-Ft.)
Battery Pack Energy Content66.5 kWh (net)66.5 kWh (net)
Max. AC Charging Capacity11 kW11 kW
Max. DC Charging Capacity100 kW100 kW
AC Charging Time (three-phase, 11 kW)5 hours 45 minutes5 hours 45 minutes
DC Charging Time (100 kW, 10-80% SoC)32 minutes32 minutes
Energy Consumption (WLTP)18.1 kWh/100 km18.1 kWh/100 km
Range (WLTP)419 km (260 miles)419 km (260 miles)
Acceleration (0-100 km/h/0-62 mph)8.0 seconds6.2 seconds
Top Speed160 km/h (99 mph)160 km/h (99 mph)
Specifications of the Mercedes EQB as per the official site

Mercedes has said that it plans to introduce a long-range variant later. According to a report from German site, the company will introduce two further variants: EQB 250 and EQB 300+ that are single-motor FWD variants. The EQB 250 will produce 190 PS (187 bhp) of power and 375 Nm (277 Lb.-Ft.) of torque. The EQB 300 will generate approx. 204 PS (201 bhp) of power. This variant will have a battery pack with a slightly higher usable energy content, and its WLTP range will be around 500 km or 311 miles.

Mercedes EQB seating
The EQB’s maximum cargo volume is 1710 liters (60.4 cubic feet). The 7-seat option may not have too many takers in Europe and the U.S market. Image: Daimler

Mercedes EQB ‘Edition’ model

According to a recent filing for product parameter changes recorded in the Ministry of Information and Technology of China, there will be a Mercedes EQB ‘Edition’ variant in the local market. This particular variant is supposedly a limited edition commemorating the launch of the EQB in China. It features a few additional design elements, such as the black ‘EQB Edition’ badge on its exterior and ‘EQB’ lettering finished in blue.

Mercedes EQB Edition badges
Mercedes EQB Edition will be a limited edition variant for the Chinese auto market. Image courtesy:

Mercedes-AMG EQB

Mercedes had confirmed that there would be performance variants of some of the EQ variants, and the EQB is also part of this lineup. In January, Mark Schafer, COO and R&D Chief of Mercedes-Benz, spoke to journalists about the future of Mercedes-AMG and EVs, saying that an electrical platform for AMG is coming. In March, the company showcased the new drive strategy for the Mercedes-Benz hybrid EVs and pure EVs.

As for the EQB itself, we can expect a lot of changes. These will be made with the sole intention of giving the SUV a sportier look. For example, expect an AMG-specific radiator grille with vertical slates, modified front apron, exclusive rear spoiler and diffuser along with AMG-specific alloys. On the inside, expect upgrades in the form of AMG-specific seats, AMG-specific steering wheel and AMG-specific MBUX displays.

Powering the AMG EQs will be an electric motor at each axle tuned to perform better than the other variants in the lineup. In addition to this, they will also receive other features such as 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive, AMG ride control+ chassis air suspension and the AMG-specific braking system.

Production & Launch

Daimler has confirmed that EQB production will begin in two centres in the global Mercedes-Benz Cars production network in October 2021. The first plant is Kecskemét, Hungary, for the global market, and the BBAC in Beijing, where production is reserved for the Chinese market. The company has updated the factory, and the staff is already in training to welcome the EQB. In the coming years, the battery plant in Jawor (Poland) will produce electric car batteries for the EQ series cars made in Europe.

The UK launch of the Mercedes EQB will take place towards the end of 2021.

Mercedes EQB FAQs

What is the release date of the Mercedes EQB?

The Mercedes EQB will go into production in October 2021 and be launched in the UK towards the end of 2021.

What are the present alternatives to the EQB?

The EQB will rival the Audi Q4 e-tron and Volvo XC40 Recharge.

What is the expected price of the Mercedes EQB?

Prices for the EQB is expected to start at around £50,000.

Featured image: Daimler