Configuring wheels on Mercedes EQS can add 76 km of range

The Mercedes EQS is the current flagship electric car from the Stuttgart-based luxury car maker. It features one of the longest driving ranges of any electric car on sale today. Available in three variants currently – EQS 350, EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4MATIC – it is the mid 450+ which offers the highest range in the family.

Mercedes EQS 450+ 19 inch wheels
The Mercedes EQS with the 19-inch AMG line wheels offers the most range in the family. Image: Mercedes-Benz

For the purpose of iterating the effect of wheel design and size on the range, we are focusing only on the Mercedes EQS 450+’s WLTP combined range figure.

To begin with, the EQS 450+ can be specified in the Edition 1 configuration, but if you are after maximum range, you should skip this variant which gets 21-inch wheels as standard. Next up, on the exterior package, the EQS 450+ can be spec’ed in Standard, Electric Art, AMG Line and an optional Night Package (which adds privacy glass).

If you are after maximum range from your Mercedes EQS, opt for the AMG Line, which will give you 19-inch AMG 5-twin spoke or 20-inch AMG 5-spoke alloy wheels as standard fitment. Opting for the 19-inch AMG wheels will see the Mercedes EQS claim a 759 km range, whereas the 20-inch wheels drop it down to 746 km. The optional 21-inch wheels, which require an additional 1,500 EUR, drop the range further to 732 km, though.

Interestingly, the non-AMG line wheels also see a drop in range on the EQS. The 19-inch 10-spoke design offers 745 km, whereas the 20-inch 5-spoke see the range dip to 727 km, despite being a 1,500 EUR option on the standard line. The least efficient wheels have to be the 22-inch 5-twin spoke units which cost 3,500 EUR but offer only a claimed 683 km of range which is a significant 76 km drop over the 19-inch AMG wheels, or a 10 per cent reduced driving range.

Mercedes EQS 450+ 22 inch wheels
The Mercedes EQS with the 22-inch wheels offers the least range in the EQS 450+ variant, robbing 10 per cent of the range. Image: Mercedes-Benz

Aerodynamics play an essential role in the efficiency of an electric car, and the Mercedes EQS is no different. With larger wheels, not only does the weight of the rim slightly increase and the aerodynamic drag increases, but the size of the tyre progressively increases too, which leads to increased contact with the road surface, increasing friction. The 19-inch AMG rims sport 235 section tyres, whereas the 20-inch wheels require 255 section, which further increases to 265 on the 21- and 22-inch wheels.

Ultimately, electric cars mirror their gasoline siblings here. However, the effect of wheels is far more pronounced on the former. For comparison purposes, a Mercedes S500 4MATIC’s fuel efficiency only takes a 4.5 per cent hit when opting for the large 21-inch rims against the smaller 18-inch units.

Featured image: Mercedes-Benz