8 things you should know about Groupe Renault’s Mobilize Limo

Update: ‘Shipped from China’ section added.

Last year, Groupe Renault’s Mobilize unveiled their first fully electric sedan, the Limo meant exclusively for fleets and ride-hailing services in the European market. It will be available exclusively through a subscription model and cannot be purchased. The full unveil took place at the 2021 IAA Mobility on September 8. Starting in the second half of 2022, a fleet of 40 Mobilize Limos are set to be deployed across Europe, according to the press release issued by the company.

Here are 7 things you need to know about the Mobilize Limo:

Based on the Chinese Jiangling EZoom Yi

The Mobilize Limo is not a Renault product, like the Fluence or Talisman. It is essentially a rebadged version of the EZoom Yi (or the ‘GSE’), as it is known in China. The mid-sized sedan was first developed by JMEV, the electric vehicle subsidiary of Chinese carmaker Jiangling Motors, which is partly owned by Groupe Renault.

Long wheelbase

The Chinese sedan measures 4.67 m in length, 1.83 m in width and 1.47 m in height. This is just a tad smaller than a mid-sized sedan but still falls in the same category. The wheelbase (2.75 m) allows for more than a decent amount of cabin space, also in part thanks to the short bonnet. According to the press release, rear-seat passengers enjoy 288 mm of knee room.

2021 Mobilize Limo rear
Based on the Chinese EZoom Yi sedan, the design of the Mobilize Limo is identical save for the badge. Image: Mobilize

110 kW motor

The Limo is powered by a 110 kW motor that churns out 220 Nm of torque from the moment the pedal is depressed. The car is capable of a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint time of just 9.6 seconds and a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph). Three driving modes are available to the driver: Eco, Normal and Sport. Regenerative braking can also be set to one of three levels to suit the driver’s preference.

450 km (280 miles) range

The Limo gets a 60 kWh battery that has a claimed 450 km range (pending WLTP certification). According to the press release, this exceeds the daily average of 250 km for most professional drivers.

2021 Mobilize Limo interior
Mobilize has made the Limo’s driver space as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. Image: Mobilize

250 km in 40 min of charging

The car is compatible with several charging options, both AC and DC and can connect to all public charging stations and home wallbox options. Fast charging allows the battery to recover at least 250 km of capacity from a 40-minute charge.

Generous rear knee room

Mobilize says the Limo was built around services and is made optimal for both passengers and drivers. According to the press release, the driver’s seat has been designed to be the most ergonomic and acoustically comfortable. It features eight electrical seat settings, and the steering column can also be adjusted for height and reach. The rear doors open wide, allowing for comfortable ingress and egress for passengers, and the bench can seat up to three passengers comfortably. The armrest in the middle is removable but integrates two cup holders.

2021 Mobilize Limo interior rear
The Limo’s rear bench seat allows three people to sit comfortably when the armrest is folded up. Image: Mobilize


Though it is aimed at the Ubers of the world, the Limo is loaded up with features. It gets all-LED lighting for the best nighttime visibility, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, lane change and keep assist, lane deviation warning, front collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, advanced emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, around view monitor, front and rear parking radar, rear cross-traffic alert, door-opening alarm.

On the inside, the driver gets a 10.25-inch screen for the instrument cluster. It also features a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system that allows for smartphone mirroring. The storage compartment between the front seats is refrigerated, and passengers get phone charging via two USB charging ports located in the back and volume controls and adjustable air vents and book lights. Additional features include flush door handles, scrolling indicators and ambient mood lighting.

Shipped from China

Mobilize Limo sedan Group Renault electric sedan production
The first batch of the Mobilize Limo electric sedan has been shipped to Europe from the Chinese factory. Image: Autohome

The first batch of the Renault Mobilize Limo EVs has been exported to Europe from China, according to Autohome.com‘s report dated February 9, 2022. As we explained earlier, the cars will not be sold to individual customers, but instead, be used to enter the European ride-hailing and taxi market. The EVs are made at Jiangling’s assembly plant in Nanchang in central China. After poor sales in 2021 in China, according to D1EV.com, the brand is looking to find some volume through the ride-hailing and fleet markets in Europe.

Featured Image source: Mobilize