Nissan introduces bigger all-electric e-NV200XL Voltia van

To widen its reach and range of customers in the commercial segment, Nissan has unveiled the new all-electric Nissan e-NV200XL Voltia van that will go on sale in Europe soon.

The e-NV200 is already a popular last-mile delivery van and now with the Voltia model, the load space has increased by 90 per cent within a compact body. Nissan’s General Manager Europe, LCV Sales and Business Development, Manuel Burdiel says that the demand for last-mile delivery isn’t slowing despite the restricted access in cities and tougher emission standards and the Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia has been designed to tackle every aspect of these challenges.

Nissan e-NV200 Voltia
Bratislava-based company Voltia has been selling upsized Nissan electric vans for 2-3 years in the European market and developed the product in co-operation with Nissan. The partnership brings the versatility of Voltia into the retail network of Nissan.

The latest member of the e-NV200 family combines a generous roof space and an extended load bay to ensure stand room for the drivers and to load the cargo easily. The urban objective is further assisted by an optimised turning radius. Power for the e-NV200XL Voltia comes from the same 40 kWh battery pack that drives the other variants of the e-NV200. There has been no information on the range yet, but seeing that the regular e-NV200 offer a range of 280 km, the XL could travel a fraction lower. The version Voltia has been independently selling has a travel range of 200 km for the same battery. The e-van also gets a CHAdeMO on-board charger for rapid DC charging.

The e-NV200XL Voltia has two regenerative braking modes – the B mode optimises the system to recharge the battery on the move; ECO mode allows the system to conserve battery power. Both modes allow the electric van to maximise the driving range. Nissan has sold a total of 42,000 units since its launch in 2014 with 10,000 units sold in 2019 in Europe alone. Nissan has said that the pricing of e-NV200 XL Voltia will be revealed during the launch.

Recall that the NV200 was sold in India as the Nissan Evalia until 2015.