Nissan Micra EV successor to rival the Renault 5 – Report

In November 2021, Nissan announced plans to introduce 15 EVs by FY2030. While the company didn’t offer the list of models, one of them is reported as a Nissan Micra EV successor. This name is tacky, as we haven’t uncovered whether the entry-level zero-emissions car will be the next-gen Micra or its replacement.

Alliance platform

Guillaume Cartier, Chairperson, Nissan (AMIEO), said that the company is still pondering over how it can offer something from the Alliance in the entry segment, Autocar magazine has reported. The profitability of such a car would be an issue, but it “absolutely” would be an EV.

The British publication said that the Japanese automaker won’t invest in Euro 7 engines. A Euro 7 upgrade would be approximately half the profit margin per car, around EUR 2,000, and the customer would have to bear that cost, Cartier explained. That would be too big of a jump in price for the entry segment. Nissan is counting on EVs to remain in the space, knowing that the cost of batteries would decrease gradually this decade.


With the Leaf getting the axe at the end of the second generation, the onus is on the new entry-level electric hatch for Nissan to provide a cost-effective solution to EV customers who are on a budget. It is safe to assume that the small electric car would share the CMF-BEV platform with the Renault 5 hatchback and Renault 4 crossover. Renault Group says that the EV platform for the B-segment, derived from the CMF-B, will allow it to reduce the vehicle cost by 33% compared to the Zoe.

A 100 kW single motor, FWD, and a compact battery pack offering a range of up to 400 km (249 miles) in the WLTP metric would be competitive specifications for the top-spec Nissan Micra EV successor. We don’t expect Nissan to adopt LFP cell chemistry to cut costs. Like Renault Group, it should rely on the more popular NMC cell chemistry across the product range. The CMF-BEV platform will support the Plug & Charge feature, and that’d make charging EVs very convenient for first-time EV buyers in the segment.

Nissan Micra EV successor release date

The Nissan Micra EV successor could debut around the time the Mk5 Micra exits Europe, possibly by early 2025. Similar to the Renault 5, it price is expected at around EUR 25,000.

Featured Image Source: Nissan