Niu RQi upgraded with more power, to be launched in Europe in 2022

The Niu RQi will be launched in China, its first market, in the second half of the year, says a new report from One of the website’s sources has indicated that its Chinese launch could unfold in September.

The RQi is Niu’s first straddle electric motorcycle and will be marketed as a performance product. It is powered by 6.5 kWh dual batteries (removable) that drive a mid-mounted motor, which can produce a maximum power of 30 kW. The RQi can achieve a top speed of 160 km/h and can return up to 130 km of range in a single charge. These are the specifications that Niu revealed last year.

Now, reports that the motor’s power has been uprated to 32 kW. Moreover, a less powerful, 5 kW motor that offers a top speed of 100 km/h (110 km/h with boost mode) is also planned. The launch will take place with the low-end motor and two 72V, 36 Ah (5.2 kWh) battery packs.

The range as per the WMTC test cycle will be 119 km. The top-end variant, called Niu RQi Pro (as per a post on Niu’s Weibo account), with the more powerful motor, bigger battery packs, a higher top speed, and a longer range, will go on sale later. In Europe, homologation will be completed by the start of next year, and then the launch will follow by spring.

Niu RQi SpecificationValue
Top speed160 km/h (99.4 mph)
Range (WMTC)119 km (74 miles)
Acceleration (0-50 km/h/0-31 mph)3 seconds
Battery6.5 kWh dual batteries
Motor output32 kW
Niu RQi Pro specifications (compiled from web reports & brand’s Weibo page)

Speaking at the Q3 2020 Earnings Call last year, Hardy Peng Zhang, CFO & Compliance Officer of Niu Technologies, said that high-volume growth could not be achieved due to the virus and lockdown, but new products can be expected in Q2 2021. Zhang was confident that some of the new launches would drive its volume growth in China this year.

‘Niu Crew’ on Instagram had posted a walkaround of the Niu RQi electric motorcycle in June 2020. The first Niu electric motorcycle was captured in a video at the company’s HQ showroom and is slightly different from the bike that Niu showcased at the CES 2020, featuring a black tank cover.

Niu has equipped the RQi with several advanced technology features that include 5G IoT with ride data capabilities, IoT connected battery pack, fully digital dashboard, anti-theft GPS tracking, and Bluetooth connectivity. Niu will be targeting the high-end motorcycle segment and says it has already received a tremendous reception following the showcase.

Niu RQi electric motorcycle front view

Niu had revealed the RQi electric motorcycle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2020. It primarily targets the European and the American market and the high-end motorcycle market of China.

Niu, one of the largest electric two-wheeler brands globally, has expanded its international network to 46 countries. It has a presence of 1,616 stores in China and over 1,000 stores outside the Chinese market.

Source: Youtube/Niu Mobility