Okinawa Dual in personal & delivery versions launched at INR 58,998

Okinawa Scooters has launched the Dual at a retail price of INR 58,998 and the electric scooter is now available at Okinawa showrooms nationwide.

As expected, the Okinawa Dual has a basic design. However, with a 70% metal body, on paper, it is quite sturdy. It is available in two colours, namely Fire Red and Sunshine Yellow.

The Okinawa Dual measures 1,770 mm in length, 800 mm in width, and 1,075 mm in height, and has a 1,290 mm wheelbase. It is a low-speed electric scooter with a 0.25 kW motor and a 25 km/h top speed. While there won’t be a need for a driving license to use it and a registration to own it, its practicality will be limited. Many delivery companies counting on the speediness of their vehicles may not be interested in it.

The Okinawa Dual can be used to deliver not only light items like groceries and medicines but also heavy items like gas cylinders and water cans. Its load capacity is 150-200 kg. Okinawa Scooters offers food delivery boxes, medical diagnosis boxes, stackable crates, cylinder carrier, and more accessories that customers can add to their purchase depending on their application.

LED DRL, headlight, tail light and turn indicators, LCD instrument console, disc brake (front), and remote power on function are some of the main features of the Okinawa Dual. The Okinawa Dual has a removable, 48 V 55 Ah (2.64 kWh) battery pack that gives it a range of 130 km. The battery pack can be charged to 80% level in 1.5 hours and to 100% in approximately 4-5 hours.

The Okinawa Dual can alternatively be bought for personal use as well. The personal use version comes with a push-type pillion seat in addition, but it has a lower capacity, 48 V 28 Ah (1.33 kWh) battery pack. This battery pack takes 45 minutes to be charged to 80% SoC and 2-3 hours to 100% SoC, and it delivers a range of only 60 km.

3-year warranty on the battery pack and 3-year/30,000 km warranty on the powertrain is standard on the Okinawa Dual.

Okinawa Scooters says that the Dual would transform the delivery service sector, and food aggregators and delivery service providers like Zomato, Flipkart, Amazon and Swiggy should also be among the potential customers.

In other updates, Okinawa Scooters has announced on that it has introduced a new year offer in which customers can get INR 2021 off on any Okinawa electric scooter till 26 January 2021. This limited-period discount offer is valid for online bookings only.