New Piaggio Ape Electric three-wheelers launched in India

Piaggio Group has launched two new Piaggio Ape Electric three-wheelers in India. One is a replacement for the Piaggio Ape E-City called Piaggio Ape E-City FX, and the other is a cargo version of the new model, called Piaggio Ape E-Xtra FX. The Piaggio Ape E-City FX costs INR 3.12 lakh (ex-showroom, incl. FAME-II subsidy), while the Piaggio Ape E-Xtra FX retails at INR 2.83 lakh (ex-showroom, incl. FAME-II subsidy).

The Piaggio Ape E-City FX replaces the Piaggio Ape E-City that was introduced in December 2019. While the old Piaggio electric auto rickshaw had a swappable battery pack, the new electric auto rickshaw features a fixed battery pack. The swappable battery pack came with a capacity of 4.5 kWh, good enough to cover a distance of 68 km on a full charge. The fixed battery pack’s rated capacity is 7.5 kWh, and it allows a range of 110 ± 5 km. There are some differences with respect to the suspension, ground clearance, and weights, too. The motor is the same unit, which generates 5.44 kW and 29 Nm.

Aspect\SpecificationsPiaggio Ape E-City SpecificationsPiaggio Ape E-City FX Specifications
Battery Pack Capacity4.5 kWh (rated)7.5 kWh
Transmission TypeConstant mesh two stage reduction with integrated differential constantPT gear with differential (Integral)
Range68 km110 ± 5 km
Home Charger Type48-volt/3,000-watt off-board charger
Charging Time (Home Charger)3 hours, 45 minutes
Front SuspensionHydraulic telescopic shock absorber with helical compression spring with damperLeading arm, constant rate coil spring with hydraulic dampener
Rear SuspensionHydraulic telescopic shock absorber with rubber compression spring with damperSemi trailing arm, rubber spring with hydraulic dampener
Minimum Ground Clearance200 mm163 mm
Kerb Weight389 kg413 kg
Gross Weight689 kg713 kg
The Piaggio E-City FX replaces the E-City.

The Piaggio Ape E-Xtra FX is a single-seat cargo version with a 6-feet deck. It has an even bigger fixed battery pack with a capacity of 8 kWh. Moreover, the motor generates higher outputs demanded by the heavier load: 9.55 kW and 45 Nm. Customised delivery van options are available. The range of the Piaggio Ape E-Xtra is 90 km, but it can vary by 5 km. The payload capacity of the electric cargo three-wheeler is 506 kg.

Aspect\SpecificationsPiaggio Ape E-Xtra FX Specifications
Battery Pack Capacity8 kWh
Motor Power9.55 kW
Motor Torque45 Nm
Transmission TypePT gear with differential (Integral)
Range90 ± 5 km
Home Charger Type48-volt/3,000-watt off-board charger
Charging Time (Home Charger)3 hours, 45 minutes
Front SuspensionHelical spring with dampener
Rear SuspensionRubber spring with dampener
Vehicle Length/Width/Height3,315 mm/1,490 mm/1,770 mm
Wheelbase2,100 mm
Ground Clearance220 mm
Cargo Box Length/Width/Height1,830 mm/1,400 mm/285 mm
Payload Capacity506 kg
Gross Weight975 kg

Featured Image Source: Piaggio