Renault boss says people realizing electric cars are safe, enjoyable & for long trips

Autocar UK has reported that Renault’s next two electric vehicles will be crossovers or SUVs to capitalize on the current consumer trend and the new EVs will be based on the CMF-EV platform.

The first model will be an electric SUV comparable to the Renault Kadjar in size and the second model will also be a high-riding crossover. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi’s new electric platform, CMF-EV was previewed in March by the Renault Morphoz concept and the new cars will be inspired by the concept.

The new EVs will have a range of up to 550 km, as said by Gilles Normand, Renault’s EV boss and are expected to be launched by 2022. He also said while there’s room for models below Renault Zoe, the interest in bigger EVs are much higher and thus they need more range. Mr Normand has also said that people are now realizing that EVs now offer more range than before, capable of long trips and are safe.

The latest-gen Zoe offers a range of up to 387 km (WLTP) while Renault’s recent electric hatchback, the Twingo Electric has a range of up to 250 km. Renault is also planning to launch the City K-ZE (Kwid Electric) in Europe under its Dacia brand as Spring in early 2021.


Renault Morphoz – Previews new design & platform

In March 2020, Renault unveiled the Morphoz electric concept, which is Renault’s way of not just showcasing technology but to make electric mobility accessible.

When not in use, the Morphoz can be shared with neighbours or friends. The Morphoz doesn’t need keys to be accessed and authorized drivers can swipe their smartphone to unlock the car and use it for a pre-determined period.

Built on the new modular CMF-EV 100% electric platform developed by the Alliance, the Morphoz can be transformed according to customer needs. The Morphoz has two transform modes – City and Travel. In the City mode, the Morphoz is 4.40 m long with a 2.73 m wheelbase and comes with a 40kWh battery as standard. The battery offers a range of up to 400 km. In this mode, the bonnet of the car is short with short overhangs and the wheels pushed to the corner.

In the Travel mode (this is where things get interesting), the Morphoz grows with the length extending to 4.80 m and the wheelbase to 2.93 m. The additional 40 cm generates extra space for the passengers and luggage, and also to put in an additional battery to extend the range. The Travel Extended battery pack offers customers an additional 50 kWh battery, taking the total capacity to 90 kWh and the range to 700 km to help with the long trips.

Customers can get the additional battery pack installed in a battery station in a few seconds and the same can be returned after the trip. The batteries would then be recharged, to be used by other vehicles. The batteries that remain inside the Morphoz can be used to power home appliances with the support of smart charging devices and Vehicle to Grid bi-directional technology.

Inside, the concept gets a steering wheel that looks to have come off the Star Trek Enterprise with a 10.2-inch screen at its centre to display all the crucial information. The front passenger seat can rotate to face the rear passengers to interact better. The Morphoz comes with Level 3 autonomous driving that lets the driver relax after handing the control of steering wheel to the autonomous system. The system can be used to keep the car in a controlled distance from the vehicle in front, staying in the lane on bends, changing lanes to overtake and move in congestion.

Morphoz features our upcoming, high performance electric cars. The dedicated modular CMF-EV platform optimizes the electric performances of the vehicle, and the long wheelbase with its flat floor and wheels that are rejected in all the 4 corners offer new possibilities for striking design and increased roominess.

Gilles Normand, SVP, Electric Vehicles & Mobility Services, Groupe Renault