Next-gen 2022 Suzuki S-Cross with hybrid tech debuting this month – Report [Update]

Eight and a half years old now, the second-gen Suzuki S-Cross/Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is perhaps the oldest crossover on sale in the European market. An all-new, next-gen Suzuki S-Cross will debut this month, and it could go on sale as the present, second-gen model’s successor before the end of the year.

On 11 November 2021, Suzuki announced that it will unveil a new model in 14 days. In all likeliness, this will be the next-gen S-Cross. Just back in October 2021, Juan Lopez Frade, President, Suzuki Iberica (Spain), had confirmed that the next-gen S-Cross unveil is just around the corner, as per a report from Automovilismo Canario.

Lopez Frade said that Suzuki will conduct a (media) presentation of the third-gen S-Cross in November 2021, possibly in the last week. If everything goes as per the plan and there are no last-minute supply constraints, the first batch of the 2022 S-Cross could arrive at dealerships this Christmas, the regional Suzuki boss said.

Europe is seeing many electric compact crossover launches, but the next-gen Suzuki S-Cross might not be one of them. “We still do not know how they (Suzuki EV models) will be, nor when we are going to have them, and it will not be in the very short term, that’s for sure,” Lopez Frade added.

Video Source: YouTube/Suzuki Global

Plug-in hybrid tech might not be feasible for a budget model like the S-Cross. So, expect Suzuki to continue relying on its 48-volt mild-hybrid system, besides developing a full-hybrid variant for the future. Like now, the K14D 1.4-litre Boosterjet turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine (127 bhp/173 lb.-ft.) with 48V mild-hybrid tech could be standard in the UK and all other main European countries. Deceleration and braking energy recovery, idle stop, torque boost, electric motor idling, and torque-fill control are the features of the 48-volt mild-hybrid system.

More on the Suzuki 48V mild-hybrid system

The 48-volt mild-hybrid system Suzuki introduced in the Swift Sport, Vitara, and SX4 S-Cross in 2020 offers up to 20 per cent lower CO2 emissions, better torque and 15 per cent overall improvement for the same engine. Higher gains would result when the SX4 S-Cross graduates to a strong-hybrid powertrain setup.

The 48V hybrid system sees the introduction of electric motor idling when the clutch is disengaged and the engine speed is approximately 1,000 rpm. Replacing the fuel injection, the motor controls and maintains engine idling at low vehicle speeds and when stationary. Internally called ‘WA06B,’ it assists the engine with 10 kW (13 bhp) of power and 53 Nm of torque.

The updated SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) consists of a 48V lithium-ion battery, Integrated Starter Generator (known as ISG) and 48V-12V (DC/DC) converter to power components requiring lower voltage, including lights, audio, and air conditioning. As a natural progression to the old 12V system, the new system is more powerful and offers additional torque up to 235 Nm available from 2,000rpm. The 48V hybrid system adds 15 kg to the overall weight of the vehicle.

On a full-hybrid system for the Suzuki S-Cross

In a few years, the next-gen S-Cross could get a full-hybrid system co-developed with or borrowed from Toyota. We do know that Suzuki has a plan to release a full-hybrid system in its compact models in emerging markets, and the same technology could give Europe the first-ever S-Cross HEV.

It is noteworthy that Suzuki has a technical partnership with Toyota where it borrows the THS full-hybrid powertrain for the ACross and Swace. If the new Suzuki S-Cross’ system is developed in-house, Suzuki may upgrade the K15B gasoline engine, which it currently offers with a 12V mild-hybrid technology, to support full-hybrid technology.

The ageing compact crossover will be upgraded with a high-voltage full-hybrid powertrain, a report on Austrian site Die Motorprofis claimed earlier this year, without divulging specific details.


Along with the announcement on 11 November 2021, Suzuki finally released a teaser of its upcoming model. The next-gen S-Cross will feature sharply designed, more sophisticated lights. These are LED headlamps, and customers can expect improved visibility and efficiency. The newly designed headlamps are reminiscent of the XL6, a three-row cross-MPV Suzuki offers in emerging markets.

2022 Suzuki S-Cross teaser
Suzuki will offer LED headlamps in the next-gen S-Cross. Image Source: Facebook/Suzuki Italia


The prices of the next-gen Suzuki S-Cross in the UK may start at around GBP 22,000. Customer deliveries could begin by January 2022. The all-new Suzuki S-Cross would be the company’s first major launch in the UK following the Suzuki Across plug-in hybrid SUV and the Suzuki Swace hybrid estate in 2020.

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Hybrid European spec
The benefits of the 48V system are that it offers up to 20 per cent lower emissions, extra torque, and 15 per cent higher fuel efficiency for the same engine.

The Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 48V MHEV was initially available with a 6-speed manual transmission. Now, customers can specify it with a 6-speed automatic transmission instead for more comfort. It’s a conventional automatic transmission with a torque convertor. As in the manual configurations, the AllGrip 4WD system is optional. Needless to say, the automatic configurations have higher fuel consumption and emit more CO2. Take a look at the official figures in the table below:

Configuration\EconomyCO2 EmissionFuel Consumption (WLTP, Combined)
MT 2WD127 g/km50.1 mpg
AT 2WD 129 g/km49.5 mpg
MT 4WD139 g/km45.7 mpg
AT 4WD141 g/km45.2 mpg
The emissions and fuel efficiency of the current S-Cross (table) would improve drastically on the incoming model when it switches to a full-hybrid powertrain.

The Suzuki line-up in Europe comprises five mild-hybrid models (Ignis, Swift, Swift Sport, and Vitara), one full hybrid model (Swace), and one plug-in hybrid model (Across). In the UK, the prices of these electrified models range from GBP 12,499 (incl. GBP 2,000 customer savings) to GBP 45,599. The Jimny, which costs GBP 16,796 onwards in the UK, is the last non-electrified member in the European line-up. The S-Cross and Vitara come from a European factory (Magyar Suzuki in Hungary), the combined sales of which in 2020 were 111,047 units.

2022 Suzuki S-Cross FAQs

What is the 2022 Suzuki S-Cross release date?

The new Suzuki S-Cross could go on sale in the UK by early 2022.

What will be the new Suzuki S-Cross price?

The 2022 Suzuki S-Cross could cost GBP 22,000 onwards in the UK.

What will be the new Suzuki S-Cross alternatives?

Alternatives to the S-Cross will include models like the Nissan Qashqai, Vauxhall Mokka X, and Renault Captur.