Super Soco CPx electric maxi-scooter launched in Canada

The Super Soco CPx, V-moto’s first maxi-scooter, is now available in Canada through Motorino dealers. With prices starting at CAD 6,900, it’s quite expensive, but Motorino says that the negligible maintenance cost and cheap charging cost justifies the premium pricing.

Design & Features

Being a maxi-scooter, comfort is the Super Soco CPx’s main attraction. It offers large, extra thick padded seats for two riders, 16-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels, and a large windscreen. Dual LED headlight, a rear rack with a load capacity of 30 lbs, a monochrome LCD instrument cluster, 180 mm front disc brake, keyless start, electronic wheel locking, and built-in alarm are also among the electric scooter’s main features.

Super Soco CPx instrument cluster
The Super Soco CPx features a large windscreen to protect the rider from wind blast. Image Source: Super Soco


The Super Soco CPx uses a rear hub motor attached to a single arm that makes changing the rear tire easy. Motorino says that a trained mechanic would take only about five seconds to change the rear tire. The motor generates 4.8 kW or 5.4 hp of peak power and provides a top speed of 90 km/h. There’s also an LSM (Limited Speed Motorcycles) version that maxes out at 70 km/h.

Motorino offers the Super Soco CPx with two battery options: single battery and dual battery. The former has one 2.7 kWh battery, and the latter has two of the same, meaning a total energy content of 5.4 kWh. The maximum possible range is 150 km. The batteries are removable, and so customers can charge them individually. Charging, depending on their discharge level, takes between three and four hours.

Super Soco CPx batteries
The Super Soco CPx is available with up to two removable batteries. Image Source: Super Soco


The Super Soco CPx single-battery’s prices start at CAD 6,900, while the Super Soco CPx dual-battery costs CAD 8,700. Depending on the province, customers get a rebate of anywhere between CAD 500 and CAD 2,000 on the electric scooter.

Featured Image Source: Super Soco