Super Soco CUmini low-cost electric scooter coming to India

The Super Soco CUmini has been confirmed for India. Vmoto has signed an MoU with Indian company Bird Group and will discuss collaborating for the distribution of the Super Soco CUmini and Super Soco CUx. Vmoto is the Australian electric motorcycle manufacturing and distribution group that created a JV company called Vmoto Soco with Chinese brand Super Soco last year.

Bird Group is present in several industries, including retail, in which it represents companies like BMW and MINI as well. The company did a market study and found the Super Soco CUmini and Super Soco CUx to be ideal offerings. As part of the MoU, it will purchase 20 Super Soco CUmini sample units this month for trial. These initial units can be submitted for use under a government-led ride-sharing project in New Delhi. Recall that Bird Electric showcased a Super Soco electric scooter at the Auto Expo 2020, under the name ES1+.

The Super Soco CUmini is the brand’s entry-level model for Europe sporting modern and minimal design lines. The slogan for the product is “Fun way to move.”

Super Soco CUmini Design

The Super Soco CUmini, with a design inspired by the Super Soco CUx, is a light scooter designed for short, urban commutes, one that is easy to ride for even beginners, as claimed by Vmoto Soco. It will be available in the hero colour red, as well as black, gray, and white options.

CUmini will be the entry product to the Super Soco range and will make it possible for many users to take home a 100% electric scooter. The saddle – footboard – handlebar triangulation enables the best riding position possible to be found.

Alessandro Taglioretti – Sales & Operations manager of Vmoto Soco Italy, at the world premiere.

Super Soco CUmini features

Super Soco says that the CUmini has a one-piece all-inclusive body design and mentions its car-style front lighting as one of the visual highlights. A full-width strip of LED light is positioned at the top where you would see the headlamp otherwise, and the light is positioned much lower. The headlamps have a tubular shape with U-shaped outer ends. LED tail light, LED rear turn signals, keyless start with a remote, and monochrome LCD instrument cluster and 12-inch wheels are other key features of the budget electric scooter.

Using a new CUmini 4.0 management Super Soco App (option), the rider can remotely monitor information about the electric scooter. Vehicle status control, GPS location, alarm status, movement history control, navigation data, and self-diagnosis functions can be used via the app. Moreover, there’s a handy button on the electric scooter to activate parking mode.

Super Soco CUmini specifications

The Super Soco CUmini is powered by a 600-watt (0.6 kW) electric motor that gets its juice from a 48V, 28Ah, or a 0.96 kWh battery pack with NCM technology and is controlled by the FOC3.3 control unit. The battery pack weighs 7.2 kg and is removable for charging at home or office. Charging the battery pack to full capacity takes up to seven hours, and with a full charge, it is possible to travel a distance of 60-70 km.

The Super Soco CUmini consumes less than 1.6 kWh per 100 km. Its motor uses a new control algorithm for obtaining significantly reduced torque variations. The top speed of the new electric scooter is 45 km/h.

AspectSuper Soco CUmini Specification
Battery Pack Energy Storage Capacity0.96 kWh
Motor Power0.6 kW
Battery Pack Weight7.2 kg
Charging time7 hours
Tyres70/90 12-inch
Range60-70 km
Top speed45 km/h

You can watch the presentation of the Super Soco CUmini from 14:28

Video & Featured Image source: Vmoto Soco Youtube channel