Super Soco receives interest from Africa, Europe & South America for the E-Max VS1

Super Soco’s latest B2B electric scooter, E-Max VS1, targeted at commercial customers like food and the last-mile delivery sector has received good interest from South America, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific, the company has reported. The E-Max VS1 and the CPx scooters were unveiled at the EICMA 2019 motorcycle exhibition (held last November) following which dealers and distributors of the brand saw the product and are upbeat about the new launches.

Video courtesy: Hirudov Youtube channel

The E-Max VS1 is specifically designed for delivery operations with luggage space at the front and the rear. Powered by Super Soco 4000W electric motor, the E-Max VS1 can go up to 140 km in a single charge and has a top speed of 80 km/h. The battery pack can be charged in 3.5 hours through fast charge. Disc brakes do the stopping duty on both ends and the scooter comes enabled with a combined braking system. 16-inch and 14-inch eight-spoke wheels are fitted to the front and rear respectively. Other features include LED headlamps, digital dashboard and a full HD video camera that has a 16 GB memory card. For the luggage space, the VS1 gets a carbon steel carrier at the rear and a large cargo basket at the front.

Super Soco CPx

Super Soco CPX side view

Super Soco’s second model based on this platform is for the B2C segment – the CPx. The Super Soco CPx electric scooter has the same powertrain as the VS1 but can achieve a top speed of 90 km/h when compared to the VS1’s 80 km/h. The CPx has an extra seat in place of the steel carrier of VS1 and is also equipped with a reverse button for easy reversing in tight spots. The electric scooter gets a patented single swing-arm motor that makes a peak torque of 171 Nm. Both scooters can be accessed through dedicated apps for viewing their information. We are expecting an update from the company on the global rollout in a few months.

Super Soco is reportedly looking to enter the Malaysian market this year as it looks to expand its business globally. Other two-wheelers in Super Soco’s line-up include the TC, TC Max, TS and TSX.