Super Soco TS Street Hunter electric bike launched in Europe

Vmoto Soco, the 50:50 joint venture company of Australia’s Vmoto and China’s Super Soco, has released new details of the Super Soco TS Street Hunter. The company revealed the Super Soco TS successor and the retro-style Super Soco TC Wanderer earlier this year and planned to launch it internationally this month.

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The Super Soco TS Street Hunter is a naked sports bike designed to look sharp and muscular and be overall more dynamic than the TS. It’s a remarkable improvement over the model it replaces from every angle. It has a razor-sharp design and looks bulkier than the TS, and the new generation electric bike keeps the mono-shock rear suspension but gets split grab rails for added sportiness.

Vmoto Soco says that the overall character of the electric bike is amplified by the LED headlights “that recall the sharp fangs of a predator.” The light compartment is completely LED to ensure visibility in all weather or light conditions and gives the TS a more modern and sporty appearance.

The Super Soco TS Street Hunter will be available in two livery variants: regular and special. Colour options will include Black, Storm Grey, Charcoal Blue (regular livery-exclusive), and Platinum White (special livery-exclusive).


Stability is enhanced by the wide handlebar, which is fully redesigned for a sporty riding position and offer an ergonomic and comfortable experience. A new sporty seat enhances riding comfort with “triple density” padding. The aerodynamic winglets inspired by the racing world, says Vmoto Soco, gives the motorcycle an aggressive appearance and make it more stable when riding.

Vmoto Soco says that the positioning of the motor in the wheel hub and the battery in the lower part of the new TS makes it possible to lower the bike’s centre of gravity to benefit the riding pleasure and safety.

Range & powertrain specification

The Super Soco TS Street Hunter mounts a hub motor that produces 2.5 kW of power and 180 Nm of torque. The rider can select from three different modes that alter the throttle response. In the ride mode that unlocks the maximum performance, the top speed is 75 km/h.

Using two ATL 60V, 32A battery packs, a total capacity of 3.84 kWh is achieved. When fully charged, the two battery packs together enable the Super Soco TS Street Hunter to travel a distance of 200 km. Each battery takes three and a half hours for full charging.


The Super Soco TS Street Hunter features an LED headlight, LED taillight, LED turn signals and a fully digital instrument cluster. The 17-inch wheels with 100/80 (front)/120/70 tyres (rear), says Vmoto Soco, ensure a safe ride in any weather or road surface conditions, with a larger footprint for maximum grip without sacrificing agility.

Stopping power comes from single disc brakes at the front and rear, governed by a Combined Braking System (CBS). A USB port is offered to charge the rider’s smartphone on the move. Super Soco should release more information about the TS Street Hunter closer to its market launch.

In addition to serving the basic functions of a speedometer and an odometer, the Super Soco TS Street Hunter’s fully digital instrument cluster shows the battery status, range, clock, air temperature, and riding map.

Super Soco TS Street Hunter Release Date & Price

Vmoto Soco had confirmed that Super Soco TS Street Hunter would be available from May 2021. In France, the electric bike is now available in showrooms, priced at EUR 3,990. Gradually, expect the electric bike to be available in main European markets. Below is a short video review of the TS Street Hunter by French publication Auto Moto.

The TS was one of the first models presented by Vmoto Soco. The sporty lines and the ease of riding are typical of the product range designed for urban mobility and have made it the perfect companion for many young people. This new model (TS Street Hunter) has been completely rethought, redesigned, and I am extremely proud to be able to present it because as a motorcyclist who loves sporty scooters, once again I can see those distinctive features, that DNA that makes my heart beat faster. A completely new, completely redesigned model for those who live their lives on the move.

Graziano Milone, President – Strategy & Business Development, Vmoto Soco, at the world premiere of the TS Street Hunter.

Video: Youtube/Automoto Magazine

Chinese brand Super Soco has been operating in the global market with two electric motorcycles – the Super Soco TS and the Super Soco TC, the equivalent of 50 cc and 125 cc bikes.

Featured Image Source: Vmoto Soco