2021 Super Soco TC Max released in Australia

The 2021 Super Soco TC Max range has been launched in Australia at a starting price of AUD 7,990 (ride away). The new TC Max is now available at Australian dealerships.

2021 Super Soco TC Max Neon Orange
The 2021 Super Soco TC Max is available in alloy wheel and spoke wheel versions, with the latter commanding a premium of AUD 300. Image Source: Super Soco

Super Soco has brought cosmetic changes to the TC Max with the MY2021 update. The 2021 TC Max is available in three new colours and the old Phantom Black. Neon Orange (above), Cosmic Grey (featured), and Electric Yellow (below) are the new colours, and they can be paired with either alloy wheels or spoke wheels.

Opting for the spoke wheels adds AUD 300 to the ride away price, which includes a minimum of three months registration costs across Australia. As a bonus, both the 2021 TC Max alloy wheel version (AUD 7,990 ride away) and the 2021 TC Max spoke wheel version (AUD 8,290 ride away) can be purchased with a free upgrade to a fast charger worth AUD 599, provided the order is specified in one of the new colours. Do note that this is a limited-run offer.

2021 Super Soco TC Max Electric Yellow
Super Soco is offering a fast charger worth AUD 599 for free with the 2021 TC Max in any of the three new colours. This is a limited-run offer, though. Image Source: Super Soco

More improvements await the Super Soco TC

In November last year, Richard Jordan, CEO, Super Soco (UK), had said that the Super Soco TC Max cafe racer will get a performance upgrade for MY2021. In an interview with Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlOnABike, Jordan was asked if there a ‘Super Soco Super Max’ is planned for launch. “We have already upgraded the TC Max for this model year,” Richardson said in response. “It was launched in 2019, and this model year has 10 km (range) now more than the older one and there will be another refresh coming through,” he added.

The Super Soco TC Max will likely be able to achieve a top speed higher than the current 95 km/h. “Don’t have all of the specs for it yet, but I’m hoping that we will be able to add a little bit on top of that top speed,” Jordan said.

In Australia, the 2021 TC Max doesn’t have upgraded specifications. Perhaps the technical revisions are planned for rollout later this year.

The Super Soco TC Max uses a single 72 V, 45 Ah or 3.24 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack as standard. Its motor generates a max output of 5 kW or 7 PS of power and 180 Nm of torque. Super Soco says that the TC Max can achieve a range of 95 km with a rider weight of 75 kg and at a 40 km/h constant speed.

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