Suzuki electric two-wheeler could make its debut in India in 2021 [Update]

Update – In an interview with Business Standard newspaper, Koichiro Hirao, Managing Director, Suzuki Motorcycle India has reiterated that the company is working on its first electric vehicle. “We are also closely working with SMC, Japan to develop electric two-wheeler for Indian market,” he said, while remarking that the country has a long way to go in the development of infrastructure to support EV charging.

21 February 2020 –

While major two-wheeler brands in India have announced or launched an electric two-wheeler, Suzuki Motorcycle is yet to take the plunge. And this will be changing when they debut their electric two-wheeler in 2021, according to recent media reports.

Now, details are scarce and we don’t know whether the first electric two-wheeler from Suzuki would be a scooter or a motorcycle. In 2019, Suzuki Motorcycle’s VP of Sales, Marketing and After Sales, Mr Devashish Handa confirmed the development of the electric vehicle in an interview with The Indian Express.

It is under development. The project is on. We are not too sure when we will introduce it in the Indian market, because what the government has declared so far is its intention. But it has to be converted to some regulation. We do not have firm regulations and till such time you have firm clarity on regulations in the Central Motor Rules it becomes very difficult for any manufacturer to time (a launch). Those things are still to be considered. But fundamental work is happening.

Devashish Handa, Vice-President (Sales, Marketing and After Sales)

Considering that Suzuki has a bigger line-up of motorbikes than the scooters, the first electric two-wheeler could very well be an electric motorbike. However the electric scooter is in vogue and Suzuki would be looking to match or better the specifications and features of the current crop of e-scooters in the market if it decides to bring out a commuter-friendly unisex model first.

Considering the competition, Suzuki will be expected to offer the electric scooter with a battery that has a capacity of around 3 kWh along with a 4 to 5 kW output motor. The range expected will be around 70 to 80 km in a single charge in real-world conditions.

Scooter & SpecificationAther 450X Bajaj Chetak Electric TVS iQube
Battery Capacity 2.9 kWh 3 kWh 3 kWh
Motor output6 kW 4 kW 4.4 kW
Range Pro Pack – 85 km; Plus Pack – 75 km Eco Mode – 95 km; Sport Mode – 75 km Eco Mode – 78 km
Price Rs. 1.35 lakh – Pro Pack
Rs. 1.45 lakh – Plus Pack (ex-showroom)
Rs. 1 lakh – Urbane
Rs. 1.15 lakh – Premium (ex-showroom)
Rs. 1.15 lakh (on-road)

Suzuki Motorcycle will also be working with Maruti Suzuki for the development of charging infrastructure across the country. The initial concentration will be in metro cities, followed by other tier cities as time goes by.

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