Tata Nexon EV gets new software updates, sees range improvement

The Tata Nexon EV has received a new software update, as per YouTube user iGuru Crazy, who also owns the Tata electric car. One of the software updates requires taking the vehicle to the authorised service centre and keeping it there for about four hours.

Video Source: iGuru Crazy

The software updated done at the service centre has made the operation of the automatic climate control system quieter. The Battery Management System (BMS) and the Electric Control Unit (ECU) have also been updated. The battery drain has reduced noticeably and the range has increased by as much as 33%, it is reported. Do note that these changes are personal observations based on a single customer’s driving experience, not facts given by Tata Motors that apply to all cars or customers.

There’s one more new software update for the Tata Nexon EV, delivered over the air, and can be installed from home. This update brings a new firmware for the connected car technology and improves the vehicle’s pairing with the ZConnect smartphone app.

Tata Nexon EV software update in September

The Tata Nexon EV had received a software update in September as well, which had brought multiple improvements, ElectricVehicleWeb had reported.

The Tata Nexon EV’s update in September had changed the software to version 2.07, and it also required taking the car to the service centre. The first of the enhancements the v2.07 software brought in was an optimized creep mode. The creep function takes a lower time to activate since, making the transition from stop to creep smoother.

The regeneration function in the Tata Nexon EV felt harsh to some drivers below 20% SoC previously. Following the software update to version 2.07, that was no longer the case. Another improvement is the reduced effort for braking. It seems that the first few centimetres of travel in the brake pedal are now dedicated to regeneration.

Tata Nexon EV interior
The new Tata Nexon EV software update has improved the creep and coasting functions.

The energy consumption rating, displayed in Wh/km unit, is more accurate in the Tata Nexon EV with the v2.07 software. The energy consumption rating still includes the reserve battery charging in the calculation. Coasting in the Tata Nexon EV is now easier. There is at least 1-2 cm of travel in the accelerator pedal where the vehicle performs coasting now which means a more relaxed driving on highways.

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