Corolla-like EV with BYD Blade battery could be unveiled as Toyota bZ3 or bZ4 [Update]

Update: ‘Design’ section added.

Toyota’s next bZ series EV model following the bZ4X crossover will be a sedan, a report from Reuters suggested in December 2021. As per the report, four people who have knowledge about Toyota’s product plans have said that a Toyota Corolla-like Toyota bZ sedan is in the making. The car’s badge would miss out on the ‘X’ because it would not be a crossover-SUV.


The first Toyota bZ sedan, possibly called Toyota bZ3 or Toyota bZ4, will feature a sleeker and more contemporary design than the Corolla. It’s likely to draw on the design of the Toyota bZ SDN concept that was unveiled at TMC’s Japanese press conference on December 14, 2021. At the front, the show car has a low and curvy bonnet featuring power bulges on the flanks, quad-eyed, L-shaped headlamps, L-shaped DRLs with a thin horizontal light strip between them, and a smooth closed panel in place of a radiator grille.

Toyota bZ SDN concept front three quarter
The 2022 Toyota bZ sedan will likely be an adaptation of the Toyota bZ SDN concept. Image Source: Noriaki Mitsuhashi/N-RAK PHOTO AGENCY

Viewing from the sides, the Toyota bZ SDN’s roofline merges smoothly into the tail section, making it more aerodynamic than the Corolla. The more pronounced shoulders give it an athletic appearance, and there’s a small kick in the beltline that draws attention. The beltline straightens up in the quarter glass area, leaving the greenhouse with a little quirkiness. The doors are clean and simple, while the stylish aero wheels make the car instantly perceivable as an EV.


Toyota has confirmed that the bZ4X, its first global high-volume EV, won’t be affordable for all. For the second bZ EV, Toyota has collaborated with BYD to price it competitively. Two sources described this model as an electric holy grail for the Japanese automaker. They said that this car would come with BYD’s LFP Blade batteries. Thanks to the low-cost and less bulky batteries and BYD’s engineering expertise, the Corolla-like Toyota bZ sedan should be able to compete with the new EVs from Chinese brands.


According to another source, one could think of the bZ sedan as “a Corolla with bigger back-seat section.” Apparently, Toyota is designing it as per the specific needs of Chinese customers, and understandably so, with the report claiming it will be a China-only model. The report doesn’t say, but it is safe to assume that there will be two cars with slightly different designs in China, one for FAW Toyota and one for GAC Toyota.

An interesting nugget revealed was that when you lay the BYD Blade battery pack’s modules flat on the floor, it’s about 10 cm thick, approximately 5-10 cm thinner than regular lithium-ion battery packs. It may provide significant space-saving advantages and allow Toyota to pitch the electric sedan as a spacious, stylish, and zero-emissions alternative to the acclaimed Corolla.

Price & Release Date

Reuters states that the Toyota bZ sedan (would it be the Toyota bZ3 or Toyota bZ4?) will debut in concept form at Auto China 2022 (2022 Beijing Auto Show) that will open on April 21, 2022. It will go on sale in late-2022, and according to one source, may cost under CNY 200,000 (EUR 27,672/USD 31,467) in the base configuration. Toyota’s bZ sedan will likely rival the Xpeng P5, the prices of which start at just CNY 157,900 (EUR 21,847/USD 24,843). The Chinese model offers plenty of smart features, including autonomous driving, cinema mode, and more.

Toyota bZ3/Toyota bZ4 FAQs

What is the Toyota bZ sedan release date?

Reuters reports a late-2022 release date for the first Toyota bZ sedan.

What will be the Toyota bZ sedan price?

The Toyota bZ sedan may cost CNY 200,000 (EUR 27,672/USD 31,467) onwards. Toyota is unlikely to offer the EV outside China.

Which cars will be Toyota bZ sedan competitors?

The bZ sedan will likely rival the Xpeng P5 and other Chinese models.

Featured Image Source: Toyota