What we know about the VW ID.3 GTX & ID.3 R in Sept 2021

In May 2021, Volkswagen presented its first hot hatch concept, the ID X concept. While at the time, the car was said to be a one-off, CEO Ralf Brandstatter said they would take up ideas from the project. Speaking at IAA Mobility 2021, however, the Brandstatter has confirmed that the ID X will be produced as the VW ID.3 GTX.

The new go-fast hatchback will not be the same as the ID X concept revealed on LinkedIn by the Volkswagen boss, but will form the basis for a four-wheel-drive ID.3. The ID.3 GTX will add to the Volkswagen GTX line of cars, including the ID.4 GTX and the ID.5 GTX.

Volkswagen ID X Concept steering wheel and accents
The Volkswagen ID X has been confirmed in the form of the ID.3 GTX. Image: LinkedIn/Ralf Brandstater

ID X Concept

From the limited details that Brandstatter shared on LinkedIn, the ID.3 promises a significant boost to the specs compared to the current range of ID.3s. While the current hatchback is rear-wheel-drive, the ID X adds another motor to the front axle giving it full AWD capabilities. This adds 128 bhp over the most powerful variant of the ID.3, totalling a system output of 329 bhp. This is more powerful than the ID.4 GTX, Volkswagen’s top-spec SUV. The car is 200 kg lighter than the original allowing it to spring from zero to 62 mph in just 5.3 seconds.

Additionally, the ID X gets drift mode, much like the latest-generation Golf R. There are other changes to the car, such as a lowered suspension setup, large allows wrapped with low-profile tyres. A matte black paint scheme was used with neon green accents, both on the outside and the inside. The dash has been modified, and sports seats with Alcantara have been used.

Volkswagen ID X Concept interior
The ID X can output 245 kW of power, but the ID.3 GTX is unlikely to get the same configuration. Image: LinkedIn/Ralf Brandstater


In all probability, most of these changes will not make it to the production version ID.3 GTX. Brandstatter didn’t give many details about the new car, and whether the same motors with identical power figures will come to the VW ID.3 GTX is unclear. However, there is a chance Volkswagen may use the ID 4 GTX’s motors. Even if it outputs identical figures to the SUV, the hot hatch will perform better thanks to its lighter weight. The SUV claims 6.2 seconds to reach 62 mph, but the ID.3 GTX could be closer to 5 seconds.

The VW boss has confirmed that the ID.3 GTX will go into production after this year. So we can expect the hot hatch to hit showrooms sometime in 2022 itself.

Volkswagen ID X Concept headlamp
The Volkswagen ID.3 GTX could get the same motors as the ID 4 GTX. Image: LinkedIn/Ralf Brandstater

VW ID.3 R & ID.3 Convertible

Brandstatter also confirmed that Volkswagen was building a convertible ID.3 concept. While the production for that hasn’t been confirmed yet, the ID.3 convertible was first previewed in 2020 in sketches. Brandstatter hinted at an R car, saying something is coming from the company’s R division.

According to an Autocar article on June 29, Volkswagen was said to be working on an ID.3 R. Speaking to the publication, Frank Welsch, Volkswagen’s development chief, said that they were looking into the idea but had to decide on whether the market was ready for such a model. From what the article says, the ID.3 R’s rear-wheel-drive motor could output about 300 bhp. The ID.3 R is likely to hit markets in 2024.

Featured image source: LinkedIn/Ralf Brandstater