Xiaomi sub-brand 70mai launches A1 & A1 Pro electric scooters [Video]

Xiaomi’s sub-brand 70mai has ventured into a new product category with the launch of the A1 and A1 Pro electric scooters. 70mai, which is known for its smart dash cameras, has launched new electric scooters with many smart features including a camera in the front.

Xiaomi 70mai A1 & A1 Pro Electric scooter

Both A1 and A1 Pro measure 1610 mm in length, 680 mm in width and 1040 mm in height. The A1 series of electric scooters gets a digital instrument cluster with a 6.86-inch display. In the A1 Pro, the display is a touchscreen unit and comes integrated with satellite navigation, 4G and Bluetooth connectivity. The display offers information like the speed of the e-scooter, battery charge level, range etc. The Pro also gets the XiaoAi (Xiaomi’s voice assistant) that enables the operation of the system with voice commands and a 1080p video camera that shoots up to 90 minutes of video in a 123-degree wide-angle stored in the internal memory. For the A1, internal storage is not available. There’s also a ‘Find my bike’ function that can be accessed through an app and the camera sends images to your mobile of its current surroundings.

The A1 and A1 Pro scooters are powered by a 400W brushless DC motor. While the A1 is powered by a 48V 16Ah lithium battery and returns a range of 60 km, the A1 Pro gets a slightly bigger 48V 20Ah unit with a range of 75 km. The scooter weighs only 55 kg and can achieve a top speed of 25 km/h in both the versions. The battery is a removable unit and can be charged completely in 7.5 hours.

Xiaomi A1 scooter series – Design, Features & Price

The A1 electric scooters get features like LED headlamp, 14-inch tyres, front disc and rear drum brakes and motorcycle-level suspension system. At the front is a square LED headlamp unit with long illumination range, while the tail light (integrated with indicators) is situated below the seat as the rear fender is placed low. The e-scooters are offered with several add-on accessories like smart rear view mirrors. By motorcycle-level suspension system, we mean a dual fork to the front and dual spring shock absorbers at the rear.

Available in five colours – White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Grey, the A1 and A1 Pro are priced at 2,999 yuan (Rs 31,685) and 3,999 yuan (Rs 52,816) in China. We don’t expect Xiaomi to introduce them in India.

Xiaomi’s current ‘mini scooter’

Xiaomi’s foldable ‘mini scooter’ makes a maximum torque of 16 Nm, can go up to 25 km/h of maximum speed and takes approximately five hours to be charged completely.

Xiaomi is already selling a foldable mini electric scooter globally that has a range of up to 30 km. Weighing at 12.5 kg, the electric scooter has a 250W brushless DC motor and 8.5-inch front and rear wheels. The frame consists of 30 lithium batteries supplied by LG and the electric scooter comes equipped with regenerative braking and cruise control. Through an app, riders will also be able to access the scooter’s information including speed, battery level and real-time ride statistics.

[Images and details from xiaomiyoupin.com; Video source: Xiaomi Life Youtube channel]