Aprilia eSR2 offers light electric mobility at EUR 659

In 2020, Aprilia launched the eSR1 electric kick scooter, a segment that has been seeing growing interest in the recent past as more commuters find freedom and safety in personal mobility. The company has already improved on that and launched the eSR2, which the brand says has a sporty spirit like never before.

The Aprilia eSR2 is a kick scooter, and there is only so much you can play with the design. However, it does get a set of graphics that will turn heads. It comes fitted with 10-inch wheels wrapped with puncture-proof tubeless tyres, a lightweight magnesium alloy frame, a front fork suspension and rear shock absorbers for added comfort. There are also LED lights on both the front and rear of the scooter to enhance visibility and safety during night-time rides.


Powering the scooter is a 350 W electric motor. This, in turn, is energised by a removable 288 Wh battery pack. Braking comes from a drum up front and electrically assisted rear brake. In total, the eSR2 is capable of a range of 25 km.

Aprilia eSR2 Features

The Aprilia eSR2 gets a 3.5-inch LED instrument panel. This shows the scooters, speed, distance covered, range as well as battery life. It also allows the rider to toggle between the multiple riding modes. Telematics of the scooter can also be checked on using the integrated app designed and developed entirely by Italdesign. According to the press release, the App acts as a ‘virtual garage; and gives access to technical support in real-time via WhatsApp. It also monitors the vehicle, and the user can access vehicle information such as battery charge level, distance travelled, and the last known position.

The Aprilia eSR2 is available at a price of EUR 659 inclusive of VAT across Europe.

Featured image: Piaggio