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Welcome to ElectricVehicleWeb, an ambitious effort to open up a new experience to electric vehicle enthusiasts and prospective buyers with exclusive news reports, video walkthroughs & reviews as well as interviews.


ElectricVehicleWeb is born out of love, the love for electric vehicles and sustainable mobility. The idea crossed the mind of its founder, Shrawan Raja, in 2019 when he heard a friend casually remark that the world is moving towards EVs in the new decade and there is no coming back from there. It’s clear that there is no place for a tailpipe in a world that is facing a pollution crisis, and moving to renewable energy is the best long-term solution to cleaning up the air if banning vehicles is not an option.


ElectricVehicleWeb, is built to become the finest source of information for an enthusiast or buyer of an electric vehicle and inspire them to take up an EV. Through our site, we wish to clear up the misconceptions that are held on electric vehicles and provide accurate information. Be it an electric scooter, electric bike, electric car, or even an electric tractor model, our homepage and category pages will be updated with the latest information from these EV segments.

The storyboard would be planned daily for a good mix of content as we firmly believe that readers from every country are keen to know what is in their product pipeline and what the rest of the world operates as electric vehicles.

This decade, a large section of buyers are to shift to electric vehicles. Electric Vehicle Web is developed to help them track the market and provide them the various options that are lining up for them to choose when they decide it is time to ditch petrol/diesel vehicles.


Our team of hardworking and passionate individuals has a combined experience of 30+ years in automotive reporting, motorsport, and social media. You can read more about our team here.


  • Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles


  • Electric scooters (such as the & Vespa Elettrica)
  • Electric bikes/motorcycles (such as Super Soco TS)
  • Electric quadricycles (such as the Citroen Ami and the Seat Minimo)
  • Electric commercial vehicles (such as the Morris Commercial JE)
  • Electric tractors

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Electric Vehicle Web!”

  1. Hi
    Great work. I have a simple question. My name is jesin. I have been thinking about buying a new car. Honda city is my preferred choice. As i came to know that honda is about to launch a new generation city so chose to wait as love that machine very much. Do you have any idea when its going to be launched in India. Somewhere i read it’ll only launch in second half of 2020. Honda civic launched the new generation in march last year so i thought it’ll be the same case for city. Do you have any information about that? Waiting for your replay 😊

    • Hello Jesin, Honda has upgraded the current City to BS6 norms and dispatched vehicles to dealers as well signifying that it is in no hurry to bring down the new Honda City. We understand that the new City is not hitting dealerships this fiscal year.

  2. Hi,
    Do you have information about the lithium ion battery manufacturing in India? I am talking about complete manufacturing and not assembly of components. Is there any one who is manufacturing anode & cathode here in India or they are getting from other countries and assembling whole thing here.
    Please suggest if any information about this.

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