Designer proposes an electric HM Ambassador as a Presidential limousine

Industrial designer Vishal Verma has presented renders of an electric HM Ambassador which he believes is fit to be in service as a Presidential limousine. Here’s his take on the project:

There are some premium features to this creation like suicide style doors, single display, clean design of the dashboard and good quality materials that are worth noting right away.

I have kept the exterior simple with straight lines and the design is not just modern but has a retro touch. When you see this Ambassador, it’s not a totally new product but one that has evolved for the digital world.

The front is simple, daylight opening is wide and there’s tinted glass for added safety. There’s the option of making the vehicle bullet-proof. You will see no door handles as they can be opened with a mobile phone app or fingerprint sensors. The rear wheels have a cover that is inspired by the vintage cars. I didn’t change the position of the fueling and the same spot is used for charging, so customers can feel familiarity.

Inside are four individual seats and you can opt for a lounge-like seating as well. There are no side mirrors but collapsible cameras whose output can be viewed by both the driver and the passengers.

Coming to the dashboard, I imagined two versions – one with a single screen and another with a triple-screen layout, and the driver can toggle with the number of screens as per the information required. There’s a small display that shows the battery charge level and a glove box below it to store files.

Ambassador EV concept exterior highlights

  • The exterior design/silhouette of the HM Ambassador EV is a perfect blend of modern and retro design elements, such as chrome metal stripe, half rear-wheel shield, round indicators and tapered bottom section.
  • It is an electric vehicle equipped with four hub motors.
  • It features collapsible side view cameras and a rear view camera.
  • The C-shaped chrome-plated / brushed metal A-pillar is a bold design element.
  • A wide and linear daylight opening area allows passengers to get a full view and for a well-lit cabin.
  • The suicide-style doors makes for comfortable boarding and exit of the passengers.
  • The vehicle comes with fast charging as well as induction charging support. The charging port of the vehicle is placed where the fuel cap is.

Ambassador EV concept interior highlights

  • 24/7 5G Internet for the smooth functioning of the Human-Machine Interactions like voice command, touch screen navigation panel, mood lighting and digital cluster panel.
  • Display monitor and individual touch panel for passengers to access music, maps, emails, video calls, and safety lock (biometric function to secure the vehicle’s passengers during unsafe scenarios).
  • Customizable interior graphics and materials. Two seating layouts – sofa-type seat or captain’s chairs.
  • Seats have inbuilt blowers, massage feature, and electrical adjustment.