Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV launch this month; vRS in the pipeline [Update]

Update: ‘Design’ section updated with official sketch and details.

Skoda has confirmed that the world premiere of the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV is set on 31 January 2022 in Prague. Take a look at what we know of this electric SUV-coupe.

45,000 Enyaqs sold to customers in 2021

Skoda faced supply chain issues in 2021, mainly a shortage of critical parts like semiconductors. The mass-level semiconductor shortage in the auto industry worldwide last year has led to delays in many product launches across brands. Skoda completed road-tests of the Coupe to fine-tune it in the meantime.

We have a production capacity in Mlada Boleslav of 350 Enyaqs per day, ramping it up now to 500 and then to 800 (units/day) over time. Right now we don’t know what to do, because the feedback from the market is unbelievable. We have had orders like there’s no tomorrow! And the success, I mean we knew it’s a great car, but the success actually surprised us. At the moment we need them for Europe, and as soon as capacity is there we can go to the other markets. For now, we have a serious supply shortage.

Skoda CEO Thomas Schafer on the Enyaq iV at the Next-Level Skoda Strategy 2030 announcement on June 24
Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV hero side
The Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV would get similar facial features as the Enyaq iV, but changes are drastic behind the B-Pillar. Image Source: Skoda

Skoda released sales data on January 11, 2022, confirming that almost 45,000 Enyaq iVs have been delivered to the customers worldwide in 2021. As of September 5, 2021, registrations had already crossed the 70,000-mark (reservations began in September 2020), and the electric SUV has charmed the Skoda bosses. The executive board’s excitement has gone up ahead of the Enyaq Coupe iV’s debut. The initial success of the variant would depend on how many cars it can deliver and how the situation with the chip shortage evolves.


Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV side sketch
The design sketch released by Skoda confirms the ‘Founders Edition’ variant which should be limited to a few hundred units. Image: Skoda

Design sketches published by Skoda on January 11, 2022, confirm that the Enyaq Coupe iV is the direct translation of the Vision iV concept from 2019. While the front remains identical, the rear slopes gently into the trunk, giving the impression of a raised sport sedan with a distinctive spoiler. The bonnet is muscular and has character lines expressive of its electric nature. The bumper and the fog lamp housing are angular, and extend a sharp and aerodynamic appearance to the SUV. The rear carries the Skoda lettering along with typical C-shaped LED wraparound taillamps.

According to the press release issued by Skoda on 5 September 2021, as compared to the Enyaq iV, the Coupe grows 4 mm in length at 4,653 mm while height grows by 1 mm at 1,617 mm. The width and wheelbase, at 1,879 mm and 2,765 mm, remain identical, and a panoramic sunroof comes standard.

The Coupe gets a selection of rim choices between 19- to 21-inches. As an option, the Coupe will also receive the Full-LED Matrix headlamps. The onboard computer can control these individually, allowing for decent visibility for the driver and less glare for oncoming traffic. Another optional feature is the Crystal Face which incorporates 131 LEDs into the Coupe’s grille.

Skoda focuses on practical and spacious models for families, and the Enyaq Coupe iV is one of its rare lifestyle models. Recently, Oliver Stefani, Head of Design, Skoda, took a drive in the upcoming model with Thomas Schafer, CEO, Skoda. The designer shared the same view while discussing the project:

To work on this coupe was really something special because you don’t do so many coupes at Skoda. We’re more family-oriented, functional, and spacious, yeah? So this was really something very, very enjoyable for us.

Oliver Stefani, Head of Design, Skoda (22 October 2021)

Video Source: YouTube/Skoda

Stefani said that his favourite angle of the Enyaq Coupe iV is the rear three-quarter. The short overhangs, the big wheels, low roofline, and the strong shoulders make it look very from this angle. Thanks to its lower and more slippery roofline, the Enyaq Coupe iV is more aerodynamically efficient than the Enyaq iV. While the SUV’s drag coefficient is 0.257 Cd, the SUV-coupe’s streamlined body ensures a lower drag coefficient of 0.234 Cd.


For the most part, particularly the design and layout, the interior of the Enyaq Coupe iV should look the same as that of the Enyaq iV. Skoda may use different trim and upholstery combinations that better suit the dynamic character of the coupe version. The company uses sustainable materials like recycled PET bottles, olive leaf extracts, and new wool in the dashboard, doors and seats.

The Enyaq Coupe iV would be a comparatively premium product. The company will offer the Coupe with ‘Design Selections’ that replace the classic trim levels. The ‘Loft’ selection interiors, according to Skoda, are homely and family-friendly in a blend of grey and black upholstery. The higher trim levels of Lodge and ecoSuite will add more eco-friendly features as well. On the other hand, Boot space goes down marginally from 585 litres to 570 litres.

Skoda Enyaq iV 80 interior dashboard
The Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV’s interior will look similar to the Enyaq iV (pictured). Image Source: Skoda

Variants of the Coupe come mostly fully loaded. The SUV version packs a dual-zone Climatronic system, 13-inch touchscreen infotainment system with SmartLink for smartphone integration, KESSY GO (passive keyless entry), and ambient lighting. Moving up the trim line-up, available standard/optional features include an augmented reality head-up display, wireless smartphone charger, 12-speaker Canton sound system, USB-C ports, and more.


The Enyaq iV received a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, and Skoda will aim for the same score with the Enyaq Coupe iV. The Coupe should have the same type of safe battery pack installation in the underbody, along with waterproofing. In case of a defect or an accident, the electrical components would automatically disconnect from the battery within milliseconds to ensure that the passengers don’t face danger from the high-voltage system. Up to nine airbags would create a safety cocoon for passengers during a mishap.

Prototype Review

Auto Express got to test drive a prototype of the Enyaq Coupe, and according to the report, there are far fewer drawbacks from the coupe body style than you would expect. In terms of design, the report says that the raked roofline allows for changes to the rear section, and the changes are best experienced from the inside.

Skoda has used a full-length heat reflective glass panel for the roof, freeing up space from the roller-blinds. According to the British publication, people only over six feet will find their heads brushing the roof at the rear, and thanks to the MEB platform, there is no drivetrain allowing middle passengers also to feel comfortable with generous knee-room all around. The boot space shrinks, but only from 585 to 570 litres in the coupe.

As for the drive, Auto Express’ main takeaway is that the feel is indistinguishable from the other Enyaqs they have driven. Suspension and chassis feel stiff but not uncomfortable. This, however, was also partly thanks to the smooth roads and the adaptive dampers on the prototype. According to the publication, steering is on the heavy side compared to its rivals but also lacks the finesse or sharpness you would see on something like a Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Auto Express estimates a 0-62 mph sprint of eight seconds and a top speed of about 100 mph, but these figures haven’t been confirmed for the production model. As for the tech, it is the same as the standard Enyaq. The layout feels familiar, and it will continue to get Skoda’s range of customisations in the Loft, Suite, Lounge, EcoSuite and Sportline trims.


AspectSkoda Enyaq Coupe iV specifications
Boot Space570 litres
Range (WLTP cycle)>332 miles when fitted with the larger battery
Length4,653 mm
Height1,617 mm
Width1,879 mm
Wheelbase2,765 mm
Wheel size19-21 inch
Battery Pack CapacityEnyaq Coupe iV 60 – 62 kWh (58 kWh net); Enyaq Coupe iV 80 – 82 kWh (77 kWh net) (optional battery pack); Enyaq Coupe iV 80x – 82 kWh (77 kWh net)
Motor PowerEnyaq Coupe iV 60 – 132 kW; Enyaq Coupe iV 80 – 150 kW; Enyaq Coupe iV 80x – 195 kW
DC fast-charging powerUp to 125 kW
Drag Coefficient (cd)0.234
Specification table compiled based on information released by Skoda Auto.

Skoda says that the Coupe will get the same motor and battery combinations as the Enyaq iV SUV. This includes the iV 60 with a 58 kWh battery pack and a 132 kW motor driving the rear axles, the iV 80 with a 77 kWh battery pack and a 150 kW motor again for with rear-wheel-drive. There is also an iV 80x which is currently the top-spec variant complete with a higher capacity battery pack and a 195 kW driving all four wheels. The Auto Express report says that a vRS variant is planned for later, the performance variant in the Enyaq Coupe lineup.

Skoda also told Auto Express that the Coupe would launch the new ME3 software that allows for faster peak charging. Numbers weren’t disclosed, but according to the publication, the 10-80 per cent charging times could be less than the current 34 minutes. However, according to the release, an AC wallbox of up to 11 kW could fully charge the coupe in six to eight hours. Public DC chargers can also be used with outputs of up to 125 kW. The range on the iV 80 Coupe stands at 535 km on a single charge according to the WLTP cycle.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV vRS for the UK

As per a report published in September by Car Magazine UK, the vRS badge will appear on the Enyaq Coupe iV at the beginning of 2022. They report mentions the deliveries of the hot variant will commence in the UK starting Q3.

No concrete details on the Enyaq Coupe iV vRS version are available, but we can speculate that the EV will use the same all-wheel-drive system as the VW ID.5 GTX. The dual-motor setup, with a motor on each axle, could provide the vRS Enyaq Coupe iV with an output of around 220 kW (299 PS). In terms of range, the Czech sibling might have a similar number, which is a WLTP range of up to 304 miles (490 km) with a 77 kWh battery pack.

Maximizing range on the Enyaq iV in winter

Skoda recommends a few tricks to maximise the range on the Enyaq iV in winter. Firstly, an updated software will be installed on the Enyaqs already delivered to the customers optimising the battery’s thermal management for enhancing the range in winter temperatures, as well as the overall battery life. Secondly, parking the vehicle in a garage as opposed to the outside will have a positive impact on the range. Additionally, the interiors could be preheated via the MySKODA app. The power will be drawn from the charging cable if it is connected, and not from the battery.

Eco Mode reduces the power of the vehicle’s climate control system, and restricts the top speed to 130 km/h, enhancing range. Lastly, Skoda mentions that drive mode B should be selected in the city for maximum recuperation performance. These recommendations will apply to the incoming Enyaq iV Coupe as well.

Featured Image Source: Skoda