Here’s the audacious Urbet Ego electric cafe racer that is sold in Spain

Urbet is a Spanish electric two-wheeler brand headquartered in Marbella and they have one of the most unique looking electric motorcycles in the form of the Urbet Ego. The Ego is unlike any other two-wheeler you may have seen, electric or otherwise.

EVW had an interaction with Santiago Díaz-Pache, the managing director of Urbet on the company’s products and plans.

How long have you been in operations, which markets do you serve and how many electric vehicles have you sold?

URBET was born in 2016 with a clear goal: everybody should be able to ride an electric motorcycle. We started our business offering to the clients nice designs, with good quality on key components, long ranges and comfortable price. The mix worked then and does until now.

URBET is mainly focused on the Spanish market however we send units to all the European countries. This year we have plans to implement new stores and distributors in South America and the Middle East.

In 2019 we sold 640 units of electric motorcycles and this 2020 our structure was ready to absorb 1,500 units but this crisis will make us be more cautious.

How many products do you have on sale currently?

Right now we sell L1e and L3e electric motorcycles to cover all the demand related to age and use:

  • C-Line
  • Ego
  • Gadiro
  • Hispano

Your focus is primarily going to be on the Gadiro and Ego – where do you source these bikes from? Do they come from China?

We can’t hide (and we don’t want to) our production is made in China. And we want to show the world China is a country capable to make as great quality as the promoter of the project wants.

We have our own protocols for designing, assembling and final testing each unit, so we can say have a European project manufactured in China.

Next step for URBET, and we are now working on it, is setting up an assembling factory in Spain in order to have all the production process in our hands and improve the economic growth in the area. We see we can maintain our goal of final prices.

Urbet Gadiro E-125 motorcycle front three quarter view
Urbet Gadiro E-125 motorcycle

Can you tell us a bit about the profile of the buyers of the Ego?

EGO is a whim. Very special design with cafe racer soul made to enjoy and be watched. The client buying this design is looking for something out of the market, totally different and to move in the city.

Urbet Ego and Urbet Gadiro E-125 specification

SpecificationEgoGadiro E-125
Dimensions (mm)1800 x 460 x 8601926 x 710 x 1100
Weight (kg)90110
Motor (W)30003000
Battery40 Ah 72v2 x 35 Ah 72v
Max Range (km)120160
Maximum speed (km/h)7090
Charging time (hours)43.5 per battery
FeaturesAnti-theft lockAlarm system
Hydraulic disc brakesHydraulic disc brakes
LCD displayReverse gear
Eco/Comfort/Speed modes

GADIRO is the perfect naked. We can use one or two removable batteries to get up to 160 km range. Motor power is rated in 3.3 kW but has a peak of 5 kW. We are using GOTION LiFePO4 cells on the batteries, voltol controller and QS motor made especially for our brand.

This electric motorcycle is made for mass-market, to use in and around the city, a client who worries about the range and need to have power enough for the highway. This product is a B2C and B2B is key to our brand now.

What are the product improvements on the Ego and Gadiro that customers can expect this year and 2021? Do you have a higher range version planned?

We already improved the EGO’s range. We started 2019 selling a 72V/30aH battery and this year we are selling a 72V/42aH. We also improved the motor power from 2 kW to 3 kW and think we will keep the design as it is now because the efficiency is perfect.

In GADIRO we made some improvements from the beginning such as making a structure for rear box, raise the aH from 26 to 35 each battery, increase the power, include CBS, add a bigger rear-wheel and change some components to more reliable suppliers. Now we think we got the best electric naked in the European market.

Does Urbet plan to enter new segments in the 2020 & 2021?

We started working all areas of electric mobility but we decided to focus only on electric motorcycles for numerous reasons. In this field, we will keep developing projects and designs for all range of ages and necessities, but won’t make entries in segments not related to electric motorcycles for the moment.

Do you have plans to expand sales internationally?

Sure, as we told you we have plans to get into South America, the Middle East and increase our presence in Europe with a franchising system, but can’t tell you too much about that yet!