Patent filing hints at Honda Super Cub electric launch

The Honda EV-Cub concept that was introduced at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and then displayed at the Auto Expo 2016 in India could be launched in the global market finally. A USPTO filing from July 2020, brought to our attention by, suggests that a production version is in the works.

The patent images may appear to show the Honda Super Cub 125 at first glance, but a closer look unearths differences. They are actually about the battery case structure of a potential Honda Super Club electric. The battery is located at the bottom and conveniently removable. Its case structure is equipped with a cover member below in the centre in the longitudinal direction of the main frame and rocks in the traverse direction of the vehicle. The case structure is equipped with a lower frame as well, which is connected to the main frame.

Honda Super Cub electric battery case tilting
The patent images are actually about the battery case structure of a potential Honda Superb Club electric.

A battery can be inserted into the cover member through the detachable opening separated from the main frame. When that opening is brought close to the main frame, the battery housed in the cover member is supported on the lower frame and housed between the main frame and the lower frame.

A Honda Super Cub electric with swappable batteries sounds like a possible upcoming Honda electric scooter now. Honda might put some of its learnings from the PCX Electric into use for the development of this model. The company sells several electric scooters in China right now but is yet to launch a global line.

The petrol-powered Honda Super Cub 125 doesn’t come cheap, and its battery electric variant would be an expensive product. Just for reference, the price tag in Japan is JPY 4,07,000 (INR 2,88,423.78).

Honda Superb Cub electric patent images – Image Gallery