Kia Imagine electric sedan confirmed for production in 2021

A report from Automotive News Europe suggests that Kia Imagine electric sedan will go into production in 2021 as confirmed by Emilio Herrera, COO, Kia Europe. Herrera said that while affordability for all-electric sub-compacts is still a big obstacle, Kia Motors hopes to tackle this issue by using dedicated new EV platforms.

Kia Imagine is the first pure electric four-door passenger car as the e-Niro electric crossover is based on the hybrid Niro. Underpinning the Imagine is a low mounted, induction charged battery pack that powers a compact drivetrain. The Imagine is designed to defy the industry’s predefined vehicle categories by blending elements of a muscular sports utility vehicle, a sleek and athletic family saloon, and a versatile and spacious crossover.

Not much is known about the production version of Imagine electric sedan at this point. The EV will ride on a new platform that will be shared by Hyundai and Kia. Though the concept form will be closely replicated, Kia will replace the suicide doors with normal ones and the company is looking to achieve close to 500 miles of range.

Kia Imagine EV Concept Rear view
The Imagine is designed to defy the industry’s predefined vehicle categories by blending design elements of a sports utility vehicle, a sleek family saloon, and a versatile crossover.

At the front, the Imagine sedan features Kia’s ‘tiger nose’ grill with a new illuminated ‘tiger mask’ that encircles the LED headlamp units. The dipped and main beam units are housed with a single block of clear acrylic glass and separated by horizontal ‘eyelids’. Both the windscreen and roof use a single sheet of glass that flows from the base of the A-pillar and over the cabin to give a wide view of the sky.

The car’s high shoulders and narrow glasshouse are enhanced by an illuminated dynamic streak that draws the eye from the A-pillar into the C-pillar and ends with an integrated lateral turn signal. The front turn signals sit high up on the sharp-edged bonnet and get illuminated glowing elements while the rear lights are unlike anything we’ve seen. To give a three-dimensional effect, the turn signals are housed in deep-set tunnels, with the looped lights extending outwards. Horizontal wrap-around brake light strips create a visual connection with the Kia Stinger.

The Imagine is hoisted on 22-inch alloy wheels which have four flush inserts of transparent acrylic glass, polished at the front and diamond cross-cut at the back, to portray a diamond cut effect as the wheels spin. They are shod with special Goodyear 255/35 R22 Intelligrip EV concept tyres.

The all-electric architecture has allowed Kia’s design team to free up plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The Image sedan gets two large luggage storage areas – a traditional rear storage area accessed via the glass hatch and a ‘frunk’ at the front.

Kia Imagine electric car for India?

Officials of Kia Motors India do not sound upbeat about introducing electric vehicles in a rush in India due to the poor support infrastructure. The company’s first EV is likely the Kia Soul EV in 2020, that will share the 39.2 kWh battery with the Hyundai Kona, assembled at the facility in Andhra Pradesh. We see Kia and Hyundai go down-market from here seeking volumes, and the high-spec Imagine may not reach India anytime soon.


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