Norway’s CityQ interested in entering India with innovative ‘Car-ebike’

A Scandinavian startup, CityQ has been developing an innovative electric vehicle. It is designed to function similar to a car with features such as four wheels, rear seat for children, doors, storage compartment, cruise control and enclosed cabin for weather protection, but at its heart, it’s a bicycle.

CityQ is pioneering this Car-ebike segment in Europe having developed the product for 3 years with some of its international partners and experts from both car and bicycle industry as well as the IT industry. 

The vehicle has pedals, but uses electric drive instead of a chain

The CityQ e-bike has pedals and a top speed limited to 25km/h. The e-bike is permitted to be used in bike lanes and car-free zones. It has a roof, rotating side doors with the ability to be semi or fully enclosed and the capacity to transport passengers as well as cargo. The CityQ ebike is a lean 4-wheels bicycle chassis that replaces the chain and gear with software eliminating the hassle of dealing with mechanical parts. This allows programming and upgrading to a range of convenient drive modes like reverse, cruise control, regenerating brakes, heavy cargo mode, and automatic gearing. As a part of the software platform, CityQ includes an app to open/lock, track and even rent the Car-eBike.

Even though the CityQ eBike may look like a car from angles, it is not much bigger than a bicycle. With a width of 87 cm and a kerb weight of approximately 70 kg, it is designed to comply with European regulations for e-bikes and 3-4 wheels cargo e-bikes. The driver has the ability to pedal as well as utilize the onboard electric motors that are limited to 250W output which propels the eBike to a top speed of 25kmh. With two batteries on board, it has a range of 70-100 km.

The CityQ eBike provides an efficient and convenient way of traveling within the city and consumers can avoid getting stuck in traffic. Moreover, there is no need to search for parking spaces which are getting costlier day-by-day in some big European cities. 

This Norwegian start-up has managed to attract transportation experts to join the company. The former Norwegian Minister of Transportation, Ketil Solvik Olsen has joined the company’s Board of Directors. The company’s Chairman of the Board Morten Weise was previously part of THINK, a Norwegian electric car manufacturer. He is also the Chairman of the Board at MoveAbout, the first 100% electric car-sharing operator and e-mobility service in the world.

Solvik Olsen says he’s been following CityQ since he was appointed as the Minister of Transportation, looking forward to contributing and advocate this new green mobility concept. Cycling is healthy and sustainable for the environment and it is becoming increasingly important and efficient for city commutes. CityQ elevates the experience by making cycling more convenient and attractive in all kinds of weather.

Video Courtesy: CityQ Youtube channel

CityQ is priced starting at 7,450 Euros but the company has said that it is planning lower variants. CityQ has received close to 500 preorder requests since it opened this month. They believe their entry into the market looks good so far but it is very early for the company and many challenges are ahead.

CityQ e-bike for India

When we asked Morten Rynning, CEO/founder of CityQ about the plans for the Indian market, he said they are planning to showcase the eBike in India and are currently searching for licensing partners for local production. This will reduce its price significantly. Even with a reduced price, CityQ believes this will still be a high-end product. They are planning to showcase both the cargo version as well as the personal transport Car-eBike model and are in negotiation with some Indian partners.

We’re hoping brands will enter our shores with such innovative offerings to add colour to India’s electric vehicle revolution.

CityQ eBike SpecificationsFigures
Length222 cm
Width87 cm
Height155 cm
Track width82 cm
Weight68 kg
Ground Clearance15 cm
Bottom Seat Height60 cm
Seat Width37 cm
Seat Depth25 cm
Seat Angle60-70 degrees
Turning Circle4.0 m
Maximum Gross Load300 kg
Rider Height 160-195 cm
Wheel size20 inches
Chassis Composite and Aluminium
Max Speed25 kmph
Motor Rated Power2 side mounted 48 v 125 w motors
Electric Range70-100 km
Battery TypeLi- polymer
Battery Capacity800 W
ConnectivityApp based connectivity for the user
Seats 1-front
1-2 Rear
StorageTrunk compartment and front storage