Singapore-based electric vehicle startups raring to go post COVID-19

Singapore based electric vehicle start-up Scorpio Electric and Ion Mobility are planning to launch their products with only a slight delay despite the COVID-19 crisis, reports Channel News Asia.

Muhammad Taureza, acting Head of Operations, Scorpio Electric, has said that though there have been hiccups in the supply chain because of the coronavirus outbreak, the company is moving forward with its plans and is looking to launch its first product, EST-X1, either by the middle of 2020 or as soon as the situation allows.

Though specifications have not been revealed by the company, the EST-X1 will get a high power electric drive system and a heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery with long-range. Other features include smart power balancing, touchscreen instrument cluster, smart operating system, cloud connectivity, mobile app support, emergency and accident alert, remote anti-theft system and rapid-charging capability.

Scorpio Electric has a 7,000 sq.m space in Teban Gardens, Jurong East, Singapore that houses offices, showrooms and 4,000 sq.m facility covering a factory and a warehouse. Dr Taureza has said that the factory has an annual production capacity of 8,000 units.

A prototype of the Ion Mobility scooter
A prototype of the Ion Mobility vehicle. Image from the company’s Facebook page.

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Ion Mobility, James Chan believes that motorcycles are lagging behind the curve in emission standards in Southeast Asia, which is the third biggest motorcycle market in the world after India and China. Ion Mobility had plans to start taking pre-orders for its Model 1 electric in Indonesia by Q3 2020 which has now been pushed to early 2021. The company’s Singapore headquarters is also home to its design centre and research & development. It also has offices in Jakarta and Guangzhou and is aiming to capture 1 per cent of the Indonesian motorcycle market in the first two years.

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