Super Soco TC Wanderer electric bike officially unveiled [Update]

The Super Soco TC Wanderer has been officially unveiled as the new generation Super Soco TC model. The 2021 Super Soco electric bike combines retro styling with the familiar EV capabilities of the Super Soco TC, and can trips around the city and out of town.

Video Source: Soco. Skip to 19:54 for the presentation of the TC Wanderer.

The Super Soco TC Wanderer gets unique styling compared to the other Super Soco bikes with features like a meter visor to cut, which should cut the wind blast down slightly and make the ride more comfortable, raised handlebar, and caterpillar seats. The knobby tyres are another reflection of the bike’s adventurous spirit, and they make it capable of light off-roading. Highly resistant and infiltration-proof aluminium cover protects the critical parts of the bike. Ingrid Sinenko, Brand Manager, Super Soco, calls the Super Soco TC Wanderer the perfect working base for builders and customizers.

When creating the new TC, we were inspired by the idea to let the classic retro styling design to be combined with the newest and most innovative technology. New TC Wanderer represents the spirit of adventure and freedom. Its overall design with a round shaped headlight and instrumental mechanical kind display, wide and raised handlebar, caterpillar seat, are all elements of the classic model, and all this great classic design is combined with innovative technology and extremely smart features. This bike could represent the perfect working base for builders and customizers.

Ingrid Sinenko, Brand Manager, Super Soco, at the world premiere of the Super Soco TC Wanderer.

The Super Soco TC Wanderer isn’t entirely new, and is basically an improved version of the Super Soco TC. It features the same round dual-beam LED headlamps with semi-circular LED DRLs and logo as the old bike. The capsule-shaped LED turn indicators with three circular light elements inside each of them, look no different either.

At the rear, the Super Soco TC Wanderer features an ultra-slim LED tail lamp mounted high up. The Super Soco TC features a squarish LED tail lamp positioned lower on the tyre hugger. The LED turn indicators have also been positioned higher on the Wanderer variant. The tyres, knobby and large, allow users to ride freely on the road as well as off it, says Vmoto Soco.

Vmoto Soco will offer the Super Soco TC Wanderer in four colours, namely Vintage Green, Ceramic Blue, Storm Grey, and Khaki Yellow.

Powering the Super Soco TC Wander is a motor that generates 2.5 kW and 180 Nm. Positioned in the wheel hub (rear), the motor gets its juice from two ATL-made 60V, 32A (1.92 kWh) battery packs. This means that the total energy storage capacity is 3.84 kWh, but whether that is the gross capacity or the net capacity is to be understood.

Fully charging each battery pack takes three and a half hours, which is lower than the TC. The second battery pack is optional, though, but if specified, a range of 200 km can be achieved. The system has been designed to allow the two batteries to work in parallel and at the same time ensures a more rational use of electric energy and gives more power, claims Vmoto Soco.

Super Soco TC Wanderer instrument panel
The Super Soco TC Wanderer has a semi-digital instrument console, which suits its neo-retro design theme. Image Source: Super Soco

The rider will be to select from three riding modes which alter the throttle response. Mode 1 will offer the softest throttle response to ensure high efficiency and maximum range, while mode 3 will give the quickest acceleration, with the highest focus on performance. Mode 2 will offer a balance between efficiency and performance, and so, it could be the most commonly preferred ride mode. The top speed of the Super Soco TC Wanderer will be 75 km/h.

Motor Power2.5 kW (3.4 PS)
Motor Torque180 Nm
Battery PackATL 2 x 60V, 32A (1.92 kWh) Lithium-ion
Charging Time3 hours and 30 minutes/battery pack
Range200 km with two battery packs
Top Speed75 km/h
Tyres100/80 (front) & 120/80 (rear)
ColoursCeramic Blue, Vintage Green, Khaki Yellow and Storm Grey
Release DateSeptember 2021

Ingrid Sineko says in her presentation that Super Soco engineers have protected the electrical parts of the bike with a highly resistant and infiltration proof aluminium cover, which is another improvement.

Sales of the Super Soco TC Wanderer internationally are scheduled to commence in September.

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