Genesis Electric Car names (eG80 to eGV90) trademarked in India

Hyundai Motor Group has trademarked Genesis electric car names via Hyundai Motor Company in India. While HMG has been considering introducing Genesis cars in India for the last four years, the latest development is a measure to protect the names and is not an indication of a launch in 2021.

The Genesis electric car trademark applications in India are for the names eG80, eG90, eGV70, eGV80 and eGV90. The eG80 and eG90 names are for the electric variants of the G80 (Mercedes E-Class rival) and G90 (Mercedes S-Class rival). The eGV70, eGV80 and eGV90 names are for the electric variants of the GV70 (Mercedes GLC rival), GV80 (Mercedes GLE rival) and GV90 (Mercedes GLS rival).

Genesis eG80 electric rear quarters spy shot
The Genesis eG80 will likely enter Genesis showrooms internationally in 2021.

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Many of these models don’t exist in the Genesis line-up today, but there is a plan to release more Genesis electric cars in the coming years. This applies to both the trademarked models and their ICE donor models. In 2021, the Genesis eG80 is likely to arrive showrooms as the first Genesis electric car. Following the Tesla Model S rival, HMG will unveil a compact electric SUV-coupe codenamed Genesis JW.

While the Genesis eG80 is a conversion of an ICE model, the Genesis JW is an electric vehicle built from the ground up. Sitting on HMG’s next-gen eco-car platform ‘E-GMP’ (Electric Global Modular Platform), the Genesis JW is likely to boast a system voltage of 800 volts, 350 kW peak charging power and over 500 km WLTP range.

Genesis JW EV spy picture
The Genesis JW (codename) also arriving in 2021 will sit on HMG’s dedicated electric car platform E-GMP offering advanced features to compete with Tesla.

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Given the state of the luxury car market and the economy in India right now, HMG is unlikely to launch the Genesis brand before 2022. Some readers may recall the ‘Hyundai Genesis’ sedan (from the time before Genesis became a sub-brand) was imported to India from South Korea to be used as an office car by the HMIL management.