‘Road Rover’ electric SUV cancelled along with Jaguar XJ electric

JLR’s new global strategy, called ‘Reimagine,’ has led to the cancellation of no less than three upcoming EVs, and one of them is the rumoured Land Rover model, the Road Rover. Also axed is the next-gen Jaguar XJ electric that was announced last year and the rumoured Jaguar J-Pace.

Cars with distinct identities from Jaguar and Land Rover

Under new CEO Thierry Bollore’s leadership, JLR is taking a step back on electrification to build a new foundation for the assault coming later this decade as Jaguar goes all-electric. The company is streamlining its structure and rightsizing, repurposing, and reorganizing its global manufacturing and assembly footprint. A part of the restructuring involves cancelling products that are not in line with the new targets.

In addition to setting new targets, JLR is renewing its focus on distinguishing the personalities of its two brands. So, a product like the rumoured Road Rover might have looked too soft for a Land Rover and could have been a detour from the brand perception JLR is trying to establish.

On the Road Rover SUV

Reports say that JLR has put an end to developing the MLA-mid platform, which was to underpin the Land Rover Road Rover. According to an article published in carmagazine.co.uk‘s September 2020 issue, as seen on a screenshot posted on instagram.com, the codename of the Road Rover EV was Land Rover L392.

2020 Jaguar XJ rear teaser
Teaser of the electric Jaguar XJ in 2019 by the company. The new XJ would have competed with the Mercedes EQS and the BMW i7 (BMW 7 Series electric). Image Source: JLR

The initial plan was to offer the Road Rover to customers with two battery packs featuring BMW technology, likely 100 kWh and 120 kWh energy capacities. Standard AWD drivetrain layout with one motor per axle, with 496 bhp net power in the low-range variant and 603 bhp net power in the high-range variant, were some more details laid out in the article. Lastly, there was an estimation of annual sales, 10,000 units, which indicated the exclusivity and steep price of the Land Rover L392. The launch was said to take place by the end of this year.

JLR plans to launch six pure electric Land Rover models in the next five years, and it has scheduled the release of the first model in 2024. The company expects to convert 60% of Land Rover sales to vehicles with zero-emission powertrains by 2030.

Featured image: Land Rover